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In the class where Sunniva Ødegård should have been today, there was a picture of ho at the catheter. Besides an illuminated light and a pink rose. Sunniva loved pink.

It is about three weeks since he was found dead night on Monday, July 30. A 17-year old cohabitation later announced the murder.

"It became clearer for many when the desk is empty and Sunniva is awake, winner of class 9A Elisabeth Hovstad Taksdal.

The first day of skiing starts in a completely different way than normal.

"I'm talking about sadness, being sad and missing something." And even if someone is angry, it may have a good time without having a bad deal.

A difficult job

Contact the class 9A teacher Elisabeth Hovstad Taksdal hopes that students can have a normal day to the left in the course of time.

Photo: Odd Rune Kyllingstad / NRK

In addition, the local police and the police were in the classroom to talk with students.

The doctor talks between Anna when the pupils are worried.

Then make the students a reminder pace that the family of Sunniva will receive. There everyone got the right to write down words and thoughts.

"I have noticed that it is our day of grief, it is very serious and they are more damned than normal." At the end of the day everyone was a bit tired, so change your mind and play a game, Hovstad Taksdal wins.

memory While

The whole page of the terrible message that Sunniva Ødegård had found the murder, the shells had spent a good time trying to start the shoulder.

Memorial Day at Varhuag

The entire shoulder was together today to commemorate Sunniva Ødegård.

Photo: Odd Rune Kyllingstad / NRK

Besides the fact that the class of Sunniva had a personal arrangement, the entire shoulder was also collected for a common memory. Here poetry, music and rector Stig Normann read words for the 13-year-old killed.

"It is our one day ski day, today was sad, but also a bit good.

Rector at Varhaug Youth Club

Rector Stig Normann.

Photo: Odd Rune Kyllingstad / NRK

He hopes that students and students can begin to look ahead.

"The best no flair on the correlation of such days has to be treated, but I've done what I thought is good, no, students have to take the school day back together with a safe guard, Normann victory chief.

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