Five people died when a car drove into the mountain wall

"The five dead are three women and two men, everyone is in the 50's and 60's. Four of them lived in Kragerø and one in Skien, the police wrote in the Twitter report.

– Porters have been informed and several of the municipalities involved have set up a crisis team to take care of family members and other stakeholders. The car was an open American veteran car, he is called.

KV is aware that the church of Kragerø was keeping the doors open on Sunday evening.

– Flew to Ullevål

The police said on the 17th Sunday that four people had died and that a person had flown to the hospital. Shortly thereafter it was confirmed that the fifth person was also dead.

"The person who was escorted to the Ullevål hospital after the accident was the result of the injuries, and all five who were in the car when the accident occurred were found dead." Police detective technicians have arrived at the scene of accidents, reports the police at 5.30 pm on Sunday evening.

The police were informed by witnesses that another car, possibly gray or blue Audi A3, was asked on the spot after the accident. The police have had no contact with those in this car and want to get in touch with those in this car. They can contact the police at 02800.

Rid in the mountain wall

It was Sunday afternoon at 2 pm that the emergency services were told that a car had driven into the mountain wall. The car drove towards Rjukan on provincial road 651, when it drove off the road in a sharp bend of 180 degrees to the left. At least one of the five in the car was stuck.

The police currently do not know what the reason for the run-out was. Both the accident group of the Norwegian road administration and forensic investigation are present to try to find answers.

The police know who the owner of the car is and works to get in touch with family members. They also work on hearing witnesses and contacting others who can explain what has happened.

"It's a car that's been driven into a mountain wall, we do not know what happened anymore, and if someone has information about the police, we want them to contact us," Hunshamar said.

Is closed on the spot

Both the accident service for the Norwegian road administration and forensic workers were sent to the scene of the accident together with the air ambulance.

So far no one can go from Gaudatoppen to Rjukan, nor from Rjukan to provincial road 651, while emergency services work locally.

"This is a very serious accident and the road will be closed for a long time," Hunshamar said.

"It was in the last corner on the way down from the mountain that drove the car out of the way and collided with the mountainside," said TA's photographer on the spot.

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