Five people to the hospital after a traffic accident in Trøndelag

The accident took place on Prestvågvatnet on provincial road 193. There was one person in one car and four in the other. According to Adresseavisen there is a child in infancy and a teenager among the wounded in the accident. A couple of the 30's were in the car with the two while a female leader was in the other car in the 1940s.

Four of the wounded were transported to the St. Olavs hospital with an air ambulance and a Sea King helicopter. One person was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

– According to local health workers there must be no danger to the lives of those involved. One of them has been broken open, but I do not know what kind of injuries the other has, "says operations manager Bjørn Handegaard in the police district of Trøndelag at NTB

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