Four fired car lights at Godlia in Oslo

The car fires night on Sunday were in Stordamveien on Godlia, according to police on Twitter. There were a total of four cars that were burned at three different locations in the area.

"It was clear to wait when so many cars start burning at the same time, we are sailing in the area with helicopters and lots of units by perpetrators, and now we've got the burned cars and we'll continue research and tactics. research ", says operations manager Gjermund Stokkli in the Oslo police district at NTB.

The situation can be experienced as intimidating, with a large smoke development and all emergency departments on site.

"We did not evacuate anyone, but there was a lot of smoke development, so residents had to keep windows closed, from one car burning to a garage, from another to a hedge, but in the end the fire department got control of the fire", Stokkli.

He also says that there were a number of high explosions in the area, which should have been the sound of tires and roots that exploded because of the fires.

The police have not arrested anyone yet.

(© NTB)

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