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"You have built a road network that belongs to the 19th century," says Frp. See what the other parties in Oslo think of the accidental road.

Paradegata The Queen Eufemia Gate in Bjørvika, Oslo, which opened four years ago, is one of the most unfortunate streets in the capital. So far, 22 accidents have happened, most of them related to one of the crossroads in the street.

Despite the fact that it cost almost NOK 1 billion, it has four lanes, wide sidewalks, bicycle fields and a separate lane for the tram.

Both the national federation of national cyclists and the NAF drew the streets through the newspaper Nettavisen, which is described as chaotic.

But who is responsible for ensuring that such a new street is not safe in traffic? The newspaper has asked all parties in Oslo about this and several of them accuse each other.

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Frp: – I was surprised

City politician Peter N. Myhre (Frp) was in the city council when the regulation plan for Bjørvika and the new parade was adopted in August 2003.

ALL OTHER: Former Transport Agency Peter N. Myhre (Frp) is of the opinion that all other parties in Oslo, except Frp, are responsible for the problem in Bjørvika.

Håkon Mosvold Larsen
NTB scanpix

He rejects, however, that Frp bears some responsibility, even if he takes over the helm a few months later as an Oslo transport agency – and for five years.

– This case was fully dealt with at the end of the municipal council period 1999-2003. Then I was a member of the city development committee and presented various suggestions. One of them was the traffic tax that is too big in the street, with 25,000 vehicles a day, says Myhre to Nettavisen.

One of his proposals was a tunnel for transit traffic in east or west, to direct traffic from RV 4, which is currently on Queen Street in Euphemia.

– Who is responsible for making the road so dangerous for traffic?

"It's all but Frp," says Myhre, and says:

"It was a fairly detailed regulatory plan that was approved fifteen years ago, so the whole traffic solution is the result, and I was very surprised that there was no other person who contributed to my proposal," he said.

ACCIDENTS: This crossing in the gate of Queen Eufemia in Bjørvika, Oslo, which was opened four years ago, is one of the most accidentally illuminated crossings in Oslo.

Jørgen Berge

– belongs to the 19th century

Myhre does not find it strange that there are problems on the street when all traffic crosses at one level – and in the same street.

"What we had to do was build a big new city with a lot of activity, business, nightlife, hotels and restaurants, and building with a road network that belongs to the 19th century," he says.

Friday also admitted city councils for urban development in Oslo, Hanna Marcussen (MDG), that street works badly.

REMOVES: City Council for Urban Development in Oslo, Hanna Marcussen (MDG), believes the solution is to remove the cars in Queen Euphemia Street. She thinks that the right carries a lot of responsibility for the problems on the street.

Geir Olsen
NTB scanpix

"In order to get a traffic-safe solution for the future, you need to set priorities, and I think you should prioritize your cars on the street," Marcussen told Nettavisen.

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She was accused of the problems of the right, who had a city council when the road was passed.

"It's a bit of the inheritance and plans you ran with when you ruled right You have not given priority, so they are bad solutions, really for all road users, the agencies said.

Neither they nor MDG was represented in the city council when the case was adopted.

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Right: – Works incredibly easily

The right, however, responds to different statements by the MDG agencies.

"It seems incredibly easy to just say that a traffic group sets off, so all problems are solved," says Bård Folke Fredriksen (H), city councilor, who was city councilor for urban development in Oslo from 2009 to 2015.

POPULIST: City councilor Bård Folke Fredriksen (H) calls the MDG City Council's proposal to remove cars in the street of Queen Euphemia for populists.

– Bjørvika is not half finished. You have to take the time it takes before you have built the road network and see how it works together before you start repairing an incomplete road network, he said Friday.

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He emphasized Nettavisen on the streets and was never considered as a main road for cyclists.

"It is never planned that the gate of Queen Euphemia will be the main passage of a bicycle through the area, it will run parallel to the street, Operagata, but it is not finished in two years," said Fredriksen, who believes that the problems will only change if the car's exit.

"If you shut down the street for traffic, all traffic will encounter other streets and cause traffic problems, so there is no solution to simply close a race, because then the problems will only move, he claimed.

"We are responsible for regulations

– Who is responsible for the fact that there are so many problems on the street?

"The road is planned by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, and it is the city council that has adopted the regulatory plan on the proposal of the city council," Fredriksen said.

– Are you in the right place with the power of the city council when the road was passed and do you have additional responsibility?

"We are in charge of the regulatory plan, but nothing has been done here – the point is that you can not make the results before you have completed the development of Bjørvika and the road network, and today it does not work out," he said.

BRED WEATHER: The gate of Queen Eufemia has four lanes, its own bicycle fields and a separate road for the tram. In total the road cost NOK 925 million.

Jørgen Berge

Ap: – It is sad to see

The group leader of the Labor Party in the city council of Oslo, Frode Jacobsen, describes it as sad that the street works so badly.

– I cycle through this and out of work. It is sad to see how the gate of Queen Eufemia works, "says Jacobsen to Nettavisen, noting:

TRIST: – I cycle through this to and from work. It is sad to see how the gate of Queen Euphemia works ", says Frode Jacobsen (Ap).

Jørgen Berge

"The conditions are too bad for the cyclists, which leads to a lot of conflicts between cyclists and buses, it is very demanding for both cyclists and bus drivers.It is extra frustrating because you can easily make a Danish solution with a bicycle field that was physically separated from the Then there was a paradegate for everyone, but it is unfortunately difficult to get on the road now, "he says.

– Who is responsible for the fact that it has become so?

"Responsibility must be shared between the planners of the city and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, and the politicians who have adopted the solution, where too much emphasis has been placed on the form and forgetting to think about functionality. we have developed the new Oslo standard for bikes, is just to prevent such bad solutions in the future, "says Jacobsen.

"The ap is now in the city with a municipal council, so here you have a big responsibility to make one of these things?

– No. This street was completed in 2014 and was long adopted before we got the power of the city council, he says, who says that Ap wants to work to make the street better.

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SV: – It clearly does not work

SV & # 39; s group leader in the Oslo City Council, Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll, says that the city council, of which SV is a member, is now responsible for finding solutions.

DO NOT PRIORATE: – The right should take responsibility not to give priority to cycling when in power, "says group leader of SV in the Oslo City Council, Sunniva Eidsvoll Holmå.


"It is clear that this street is not working today, so here the city council has to look for solutions It must be safe to be a traffic victim in Oslo This is crucial for driving and driving more people car traffic is reduced, "says Holmås Eidsvoll.

– Who is responsible for the fact that it has become so?

– The right-hand side must take responsibility for not prioritizing the bicycle while it brings it to power. But it is regardless of today's city council who is responsible for finding solutions for how the road can be improved, although the starting point is bad, she says.

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Left: – Bring a bit of improvement

The left, which together with the judge was part of the city council when the regulatory plan was adopted, calls for more action from the city council.

RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARTY: – The responsibility here must be divided between the state, those who promoted the regulatory issue and of course the local authority that adopted it, "says Venstre Group Leader at Oslo City Council, Hallstein Bjercke.

Heiko Junge
NTB scanpix

"Left has never been happy with the solution for the gate of Queen Euphemia In the election campaign in 2015, Raymond Johansen promised that street improvement measures were high on the agenda for a new city council, which we have seen a little. shared between the state, those who promoted the administration and, of course, the city council that adopted it, "says the Venstre group leader in the Oslo City Council, Hallstein Bjercke, on the Nettavisen, noting:

"Bjørvika is not ready yet, we still have good opportunities and we will give priority to safer solutions for cyclists and pedestrians," he says.

KrF and Red have not answered Nettavisen's question about the issue.

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