GRILL , PORSCHE – Stjal Broiler-Mikkels Porsche, stuck from the police

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The police ask the public for help.

(RB): The person who stole a white Porsche 911 with registration number UR 55373 at Gardermoen, stolen by the police in the Råholt church on Saturday morning. The police ask the public for help.

"It is unclear where the car was driving, Police in East writes on Twitter, 09.39 Saturday morning.

The car has been stolen from Gardermoen. Call the police when you observe the car!

The owner of the car, which is half of DJ-Dueon Broiler, tells RB that he parked the car on Friday morning at P10 at Gardermoen.

Broiler: Mikkel Christiansen and Simen Auk. Christiansens porsche is stolen.

Kjersti Westeng (Media House Netta Fish)

– Then I came back at 0830 today, it was not there. I have reported that it has been stolen. Then the police told them that they had already noticed it. It had failed to stop at a police check, he said Saturday morning.

According to VG, Broiler artist Mikkel Christiansen (26) owns the car.

He who owns the car is surprised that the thieves have succeeded in driving.

"It's a tough car to drive in. It's an old car with lots of horses, so it's a little challenging," he says.

The car is a Porsche 911 964 Turbo from 1975. The artist bought it in May for about 700,000 crowns and has refurbished it this summer.

The car was still not found on Saturday in the 13th century.

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