Gunhild Stordalen in New Book: Sick Since the teenage years

STRONG & HONOR: The book shows that when Gunhild realized how sick she was, she told Petter that it was good for her to leave her. But Petter Stordalen was all with Gunhild-and he answered her with what she had engraved on the inside of her wedding rings: "Strength & Honor."
STRONG & HONOR: The book shows that when Gunhild realized how sick she was, she told Petter that it was good for her to leave her. But Petter Stordalen was all with Gunhild-and he answered her with what she had engraved on the inside of her wedding rings: "Strength & Honor." Photo: Bjørnar Øvrebø


Gunhild Stordalen (39) felt that she had the annual time, but she did not see all the signs that she had an underlying serious illness before it was almost too late.

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Tomorrow she comes with her autobiography "The Big Picture" – and gives you the story of the fight against the disease Petter Stordalen as loyal support by both light and dark in recent years.

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At the same time that her story comes out between two limbs, she never shines on social media – where she can live with Petter and her work with EAT – working on a healthier and more sustainable food industry.

This weekend she released this photo and her husband from Greece at a birthday party:

It is more than two years since she underwent the second experimental and risky treatment with stem cells for the incurable disease. systemic sclerosis. Both she and Petter have been open to restore the disease now, there is no possibility for a third round of experimental treatment. After what VG knows, it is clear today that she has to live with the disease, she will not get rid of it. It's about keeping it under control and at the moment it's at a distance.

The disease was kept secret

Gunhild Stordalen I thanked myself for an interview. She has secretly recorded "Skavlan" in Stockholm – a week in front of New York recording for the Friday program takes place. Jonas Forsang, who recorded the book in the pen, has also shown no interest in interviewing. The same applies to Petter Stordalen.

Gunhild Stordalen has said before that she wants the book to go speak for themselves – and in the book she tells her that she has felt what she has had a bad time all her life.

"It's like I've had an inner bell, like basketball games, where the hundreds crash down, just that there's something wrong with mine, as if it went too fast."

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Burglar in the hut to Stordalen stole food and beer

Because the book shows that Gunhild Stordalen was ill for years before taking it herself. Already at the end of her high school she got the first sign that something was wrong. She became ill during a study trip to the Czech Republic, which she had been saving for several months. The face swelled on:

"I did not recognize it anymore, it was blown up, the cheeks bumped in. It was as if the skin had been lifted up like a bread dough that extends out of the mold. & # 39;

These attacks kept coming, but Gunhild kept it hidden, even for his cohabitants at that time. The only one who knew it was the mother. She was examined, but no doctors discovered what it was. Eventually they formed the diagnosis of systemic capillary leak syndrome, a very rare disease. Gunhild kept the secret.

Meet Petter at the Quart festival

She met Petter Stordalen for the first time at Hotel Caledonia during the Quart Festival 2004, it was not immediately love at first sight:

"He wore a white tunic with a ring that hit him under the navel, with the biggest sunglasses of his time, a cut-out pair of jeans and what I thought was one of the world's toughest cowboy boots. it seemed that he had been roasting on low heat last year, the worst neighbor in the world, Hotel King himself, Stordalen. "

& # 39; Petter left at night – the two were then neighbors. Lecturer Gunhild had annoyed all the noise from his armatures, cars and motorbikes. He had noticed her during her jogging trips. They talked long that evening and Petter got her number. But when he contacted, she replied:

"Nice to meet you, have a nice life."

She told her friends they had to stay far away from him.

Nonetheless, she was the one who wanted him a happy new year by the end of the year in the sms – and the first "date" became a jogging session with a bet and a next dinner. If Petter beat her, she would accompany him a few days later at a wedding in Finland. She lost the bet and did not even notice the 500 roses that Petter Stordalen had embellished during dinner after jogging.

Gunhild's mother began to cry

So how does an ordinary mother react when her daughter comes home and says she has become a member of the 16-year-old Petter Stordalen?

Well, so:

"Mom was lick, sitting on the couch in the living room in Muggerud.
"Have you been to Petter Stordalen?" Then she leaned forward and leaned her head in her hands. "Gunhild …" And then she began to cry. " says Gunhild in the book.

Early in the book we get an eye on the disease that Gunhild is fighting out. As a doctor she met a woman with the disease, and in the book she quotes Jo Nesbø the criminal "Snowman" – where the killer is affected by this disease.

"It looks like the face stiffens into a mask," Nesbø writes in Snowman, "in the end you just stand there immovably while you just stifle your own skin."

Little did Gunhild know that a few years later she felt that her skin was stiffening over her chest and spreading at a rapid pace. But before that Petter Stordalen had also experienced her attacks. Once on a sailing holiday it became so bad that they had to go to the nearest hospital. It was serious, but they were not understood. The doctors would give a Gunhild saline solution to which they might die.

Petter praiet ambulance

So Petter ended up praying one of the ambulances of the hospital – to drive to a larger hospital in Monaco.

"You have to take us there," said Petter, giving 500 euros in the hand. "And we have to drive now." He picked me up in the ambulance. "Can you please go faster?" We came out on the country road.
"Faster", Petter repeated. "You have to go faster."

Petter and Gunhild marry in 2010 in a palace in the desert of Marrakech. & # 39; In the morning she received the Stordalen Foundation from Petter.

At the same time as the signs of serious underlying diseases became more, she began her hard work to save the world – and she eventually founded Eat. She closed her eyes for tendinitis, osteoarthritis, pain, anal fingers, cortisone spraying. She closed her ears for Petter's mood to work less, to work less.

"Something was wrong, I did not have time to be sick, I thought I was driving hard now, as soon as we were at the first EAT Stockholm Food Forum, I could relax a bit,
and then the body would certainly also recover. I could not stop a tendinitis from stopping me. So we continued, one morning at the end of May, when Bill Clinton entered the stage in Stockholm. In the hall were the researchers, business leaders and politicians we had managed to collect. More than 400 participants from 28 countries. The first EAT Stockholm Food Forum has been opened. "


Later that summer 2014, she realized what was going on, and to Petter she said:

"I have the same thing as he is in the snowman," I said. "

Then it went fast. They soon discovered that this was the worst type of systemic scleroderma. The aggressive variant (diffuse skin variant) that can attack the internal organs. The one who gets only one in eight with the disease. As Gunhild has already learned, this means a lifespan of a few years.

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Gunhild Stordalen about his "new" lifestyle: – Feels better

"We were without hope, there was no plan B. There was no lifebuoy There was nothing to do, all I had to do at Rikshospitalet was just confirmation that everyone had given up on us." says Gunhild in the book.

Hereafter, she and Petter make the famous list of things she will do before she dies.

"I told him what I had written, that I would try to play polo, and that I would get a big danois, step by step through my bucket list, the other list was shorter. what I got
I thought I had a life to do, in just two years. "You have to help me," I said. "

Known disease spread

That night the disease had spread to the face. Despite all this, she called at the meeting, which she long dreamed of dealing with Jeffrey Sachs, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moons Advisor in New York. At the hotel before the meeting she felt the disease spread like ants under the skin.

After much research, Gunhild decided to carry out a new experimental treatment for this disease in the Netherlands. During the treatment Petter was twice named the hospital for safety. The first night she shook frost and she had more than 40 fever.

Read Gunhild's own words about these nights in the exclusive excerpt from the book.

In the book, Gunhild says that her work with EAT gave her life force. She worked during the treatment period, except for the two worst days. She did not talk to Petter about what to do if the tests were bad, they decided for the longest time. She had to go to work and run Eat – until there was no power left. And then …:

"For me it was not an option to be bedridden that Petter pushed me around in a wheelchair that I would have to live in connection with an oxygen tank, so I had to mention the option of assisted suicide early so that Petter could prepare for it. doubt my wish. & # 39;

Those who have followed know that Gunhild had to undergo a new treatment round. The first samples were good, but it did not take long before she discovered the disease, first as a small itch on the forearm – then so intense that Petter had to chop her until she bled.

Wait a moment to amputate

In the autumn of 2015 the relapse was a fact – and in the summer of 2016, despite many warnings, she underwent a new round of experimental treatments in the Netherlands. According to the book as the other person in the world.

The contrasts are great: during the treatment she completed the third EAT Stockholm Food Forum and during the treatment she was forced to amputate the little finger as a result of an infection. After she was published at the end of July, she gave it all:

"I did not feel tired, sometimes I felt almost euphoric, the momentum was
huge, and I knew we were really getting big things that could change the world for the better – if I just stopped. I was unstoppable. I was no longer afraid of dying, I was no longer afraid of what would come. "

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