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"It is a strong pressure and characterized party leader coming out of the central government meeting Knut Arild Hareide is more feared as party leader now than before this case began," said Vebjørn Selbekk to NRK.

It has been storming around KrF lately.

That KrF & # 39; s spokeswoman Geir Jørgen Bekkevold, who is also a priest, the communication manager of the party, Mona Høvset and her female cohabiting partner, earlier this summer, has dedicated to various KrFs.

More than 120 party members have signed out at KrF, more than 80 of them for political reasons after the disputed wedding ceremony and some have demanded that Bekkevold be removed from the role of family spokesperson.

Hareide: – Underestimated the explosive power

When Knut Arild Hareide met the press after meeting KrF's central government for eight hours, he made it clear that a total central government has confidence in Bekkevold.

– The central administration has given the party leadership confidence and support in this matter. It is a general central government that relies on Bekkevold, "says Hareide.

He acknowledges, however, that the party leadership also criticized the handling of the case.

"It was a self-critical central government that pointed out that we had underestimated the explosiveness of this matter, not the least that this could be felt as a political change on the part of the KrF.It is not true, we stick to our policies, "says Hareide.

"We are raising the marriage between husband and wife as a good and stable framework for the growth of children, and we also point to the importance of legal frameworks for homosexuals.

What did you do wrong in this case?

"We have also discussed this, but I have seen a good round in the central administration," answers Hareide.

He then goes from the news agency and will not answer a number of questions, not even that some now require his departure as party leader.

Requires the departure of Hareide

When party leader Knut Arild Hareide visited the NRK Politiek Kwartier this morning, he made it clear that he has full confidence in Bekkevold.

– He has been a loyal spokesperson for the family for five years. We have had good talks that we all have eight parliamentary representatives loyal to our party program in the future, "said Hareide.

KrF veteran Anne Ma Timenes from Kristiansand, who is a member of the provincial council, is demanding today from Knut Arild Hareide that he lands as a party leader to save the party.

"I say it clearly: Knut Arild Hareide has to resign as party leader.

Timenes shows, among other things, the fight against homosexuality and responds strongly this morning to Hareide for the central meeting, & # 39; devoted & # 39 ;, Bekkevold.

"If you go as a party leader and say this for a meeting of the central government, it will be a mistake if those sitting in that meeting do not agree," says Timenes.

Selbekk about Hareide: "A very busy party leader"

Selbekk: – Never before saw Hareide so busy

Vebjørn Selbekk, editor-in-chief of the Christian newspaper Dag, replies that Hareide would not answer some of the press questions.

"I do not think I've ever seen Hareide pushed like that, he is almost out of press demand," says Selbekk.

"Now that this dynamic has been built up since the ceremony of the wedding became known, there is now someone asking Hareide to leave, the situation is about to get out of hand before the party and I do not hear anything about Hareide says that is appropriate to calm the monks.

Selbekk believes that the criticism that the party leadership has underestimated the explosiveness of the case contributes to the weakening of Hareide as a party leader.

– It is the job of a party leader to consider only such questions. We have a party leader who has not seen what problems this could lead to and we have a family policy spokesman who has not been able to see which signals the issue about family policy is giving. So many things are wrong here.

– Serious crisis – believes that Bekkevold must withdraw

Selbekk believes that Bekkevold himself must withdraw as spokesman for the family in KrF.

"This is a serious crisis for the party, and I can not remember a case that has had as much damage potential as this business," he says.

"I think it is Bekkevold himself who sees the key to resolving the crisis, but nowadays he can not throw it, it would have given incorrect signals, but Bekkevold could have made that assessment himself, I think the only thing now is peace. can create, is whether Bekkevold himself withdraws, then we're done, otherwise the matter will continue.

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