Hareide wants an increase in the birth rate

KrF has had to deal with the internal unrest surrounding the marriage of the lesbian communication manager of the party last week by parliamentary representative Geir Jørgen Bekkevold. Moreover, party leader Knut Arild Hareides received a lot of criticism of his debate in Arendal.

At the same time, when the April party Hareide presented his plan to clarify the party's profile, the party was working on an explosion to create new policies. Work is now underway in the final phase, and against NTB the party leader is somewhat blurred in the family and children's policy:

– The birth rate in Norway is 1.62 – it is low. It happens because families experience difficult days. For KrF, it is not an option to only strive for immigration to solve that challenge, he says.

This is the political controversy of autumn. Some of them may cost the job of Erna Solberg.

Look at schedules & # 39; s

Hareide believes among other things that the financial conditions for students who have children are too bad.

– If you are working, you can get a grant of up to 500,000 crowns. If you are a student and have children, you may receive much lower amounts, perhaps up to 100,000. Obviously one expects to have children. We need to look at the arrangements that ensure that families prefer to opt for children.

Last year, 56,600 children were born in Norway. This resulted in a fertility rate of 1.62 children per woman – the lowest measured in Norway ever. Meanwhile, more and more children wait longer.

The KrF leader believes that we have created a society with a lot of pressure, which means that many children will have children later than they want.

Children without children are pushed into a sacrificial role

– Even my father became quite late. Life has come to light that I had done nothing if I had previously become a father. It is not all planned to plan, but at least we must ensure that families have the opportunity to do so through financial arrangements so that they have enough time together, "says Hareide, who has two children. [19659012] KrF-veivalg

Hareide is still asked to say something about the election of the party in the fall, but the party is most anxious about "not putting the horse for the horse." In other words, the party, before the crucial discussion on right-wing cooperation, left or further independent canting position, clarify and place new policies in different areas.

In April, Hareide launched handles to clarify the efforts of the party to counteract impairment, a to create a warmer society that fights against externalism and the sorting community and contributes worldwide to combating poverty and suffering.

He launched three reforms, in child and family policy, human dignity and inclusion. After consulting with provincial councils, three committees have recently worked on concrete proposals for measures and legislative changes in these areas.

The work of the first two reforms has come the longest and will, after the NTB understands, be discussed this week in the central government of the party. The proposals will then be forwarded to the National Council Meeting on 28 September.

A clarification on KrF's collaborative plans for the rest of the parliamentary term can only come at the National Council meeting in November, it is suggested.

KrF has no cooperation agreement with the government today and has worked together on the left and right of the Storting in the past year. However, the favorable position has not proved to be an important answer, and with the exception of a boom in August, the party has remained at or above the threshold.

Hareide apologizes for protest announcements of the party-after-party profile dedicated to lesbian couples

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