Here are the villages that the French would like to have

Nand villages are so small that you barely meet people when you visit. They cling to mountain walls and mountain peaks. Steinhusene has been here for more than 1200 years and they are still there.

In the countryside to the west of Provence, in the Luberon, remote villages are lined up and lined up. Maybe you should look a bit to find them, but it's worth it.

Five villages worth a visit:


Roughing over the Luberons & # 39; capital & # 39; Apt, Saignon lies. A huge stagger touches the village. Park your car at the Notre-Dame de Pitie church, stroll through the cemetery and then continue on to the strange rock and enjoy the view over the valley.

The village is only three kilometers away from Apt, which is a busier center, but it might as well be on the moon. The streets are narrow, the stone houses are covered with wild boar and loose cats and dogs wander around. It is quiet and quiet. A small bakery, the Bistro L & # 39; Atelier restaurant of the Norwegian-American Shannon Phillips and a cozy gallery are places to visit.

tips: A beautiful fountain suddenly appears from the narrow streets. It is opposite the old hotel Auberge de Prestbytere (during restoration). If you're lucky, you'll see the horses come in to quench their thirst for a hot summer's day.

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Far away in a mountain slope the old city pops up. The village of Oppéde-le-Vieux is car-free, so you have to take a short distance and climb the slopes until you reach a small square.

At the top is a large stone church and an old castle, it is worthwhile to walk over the cobblestones. Then you have a view of a landscape where the villages appear on the mountain peaks.

tips: Best of all – one of the nicest restaurants in the area is in the middle of the square and tempts tempting cold drinks after the walk. Make sure you get a table here. The food is delicious, the atmosphere good and the service classic French – if it makes sense. The tables are close to a large tree, which gives a warm shade on hot summer days. The rosé wine is a must.

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High in the mountains, almost eight hundred meters, lies the small village of Sault with a view of the white mountain: the Mont Ventoux (1911 moh.). Lavender thrives here very well, and the village is one of the most important production areas in the area. There are large distilleries that convert the small plant into oils, perfumes, soaps, scent bags and the like. In the city it is also possible to taste lavender liqueur, a bit of purple glory.

Many choose to drive Sault from other places in Luberon, it is a good trip – and a perfect stopover on the way to the highest mountain in the area, the aforementioned Mont Ventoux.

tips: On Wednesday, contact Sault, it's market day – it means busy streets full of stalls. Lavender festivals are usually held on August 15 if you are in the area.

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Goult is a small village ten minutes west of Apt. It is not as famous as the many other beautiful villages in the area, but it makes it extra fun to see it.

Goult is built on a peak, some places crumble against the mountain walls. From the market take the cobblestones to the cobbled streets for a look in the old town. Well, it's usually old here, but that's how it's called. At the top of the plateau you get next to a large panoramic view of the windmill of the Luberon.

tips: Take the thunder market here.

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This cozy village often goes under the radar for the tourists. Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt is also rugged and rugged, at about 400 meters altitude, with an impressive view of the Luberon. The narrow cobbled holes are filled in the weekend – then it's time for different types of markets, although Thursday is the official market day.

The village is actually the third largest in the Luberon, but it says a little about how big the cities are here. The medieval city is far from a metropolis, more sleepy, friendly French.

Tip: Luberon is a cycling paradise and you have taken the bike, so this is a great village for a break. In a small cross there are three cafes on every corner, stop here for something to strengthen your body.

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