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During a trip a few kilometers from the eleven website on Helgeland, NRK meets a vessel with waders, fly rods and hooves.

In his pocket he has Statskog's fishing permit for inland fishing, which gives the right to fish for brown trout. But what he is really looking for is the salmon. He will not be interviewed, knowing that what he is doing is illegal.

– difficult

Because it is forbidden to fish salmon in this part of the 16-mile website. There are many that still do. After the NRK knows, dozens of salmon are illegally imprisoned in the river.

It also confirms the fishing guide Arne Rasmussen.

"We observe a lot of cars and fishers that have two-armed rods (used for primary salmon fishing.) Fishing is not allowed, it is interesting, he says.

The special thing about this case is that nobody thought it would be possible to fish salmon in this part of Vefsna, nor Statskog as a landowner.

In the areas in question there would theoretically have been no salmon because the salmon staircase is not working.

Or, someone has believed.


Since the middle of the 1970s, Vefsna in Nordland has been infected by the salmon reporter Gyrodactylus Salaris – a plague that the authorities have lost nearly 200 million dollars. The river waterway was officially reported last autumn and this year the 160 kilometer long river was opened after it was closed for many years.

Photo: Lars-Petter Kalkenberg / NRK

Really good news

It is all a good news.

Because after many years of closure for extensive poisoning treatment of the river Vefsna was opened for limited salmon fishing in the summer to Fellingsforsen (see map).

The salmon thrives so well that it has walked much further into the river than Statskog thought it would be possible.

That is why they now regret the fact that they have already sold fishing cards in the upper reaches of the river, where it is nevertheless illegal to fish for salmon.

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Because Vefsna was opened after many years of closure for extensive river treatment in the summer for limited salmon fishing to Fellingsforsen.

fishing ban

And to get rid of illegal fishing, Statskog has now introduced a fishing ban. From Saturday it is closed for all fish in Austervefsna, Unkerelva and Svenningelva.

– Several authorities and fishermen have expressed concern about the situation. It is very important for the future salmon in the 11 that the spawning fish will walk peacefully on these streams, "says Wenche Hjelmseth, regional manager in Statskog.

She admits that the upper parts of the watercourse had to close much earlier.

"In the light of the aftermath, you can say that", says Hjelmseth.

Although Statskog must bear some responsibility for fishing, it has been possible to catch salmon far above the Vefsna waterway, so they encourage people to leave the salmon.

Building a solid salmon file in the entire Vefsna waterway takes time. This way the upper parts of the river can be kept for many years.

"I hope they understand that they're doing something wrong, I do not think at all about people who are fishing with bullfishing, we have to spend the time waiting for the reconstruction of a solid salmon file here. laying the foundation for a lot of salmon in the future, says region manager Hjelmseth.

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