Here the trailer drivers get fresh while stealing children's bicycles – Document

The bicycle tires load the loot in the trailer. After Steffen had confronted the two thieves, it did not take long before the bikes were released again. Photo from Facebook

Two foreign trailer drivers were in full swing with stealing children's bicycles when Steffen came to pick up her daughter at the end of school.

– For cowardice and thief!

Steffen André Tveiten MacQueen does not divide his fingers when he describes the sight he met on Monday against the NRK. He had just picked up the daughter who said from the school bus when he discovered the two who had loaded the bikes in the Lithuanian train.

The men carried the bike from Steven's daughter and other children's bicycles and put them in the trailer.

The worst thing was that the children saw what happened, says Steffen:

My girl was afraid and started to cry. A bicycle is a bicycle, but its children want to protect it. I do not want my daughter to be afraid to take the bus, Steffen says to NRK.

Steffen told Lithuanians exactly what he thought of them. These are his own words on Facebook:

"Girl, I am scared and on top try idiotane and defend me … then know the narrow head of the sicringa and idiotans daddy's wrath in 3 languages ​​and 110 db 🤬 🤬 tru tru de the will be dangerous .."


"The worst thing that the children will experience Ditte, I hope that these two cows think about crossing those bikes in the car 🤬
Treat this 2-eternal rectal itch and chronic lemon in both eyes 🤬 »

He reported the case to the police, who later disputed this:

"Buktamo, the police received a message earlier in the afternoon about the theft of various bicycles in the area.A watch saw that 5-6 bicycles were loaded into a trailer that came by.The witness turned the incident off. no results delivered in the afternoon »

Vogntoget is owned by Girteka, one of Europe & # 39; s largest transport companies with more than 5,000 vehicles and 12,000 employees.

Communication manager Kristian Kaas Mortensen in Girteka contacted Steffen and complained on behalf of the company.

– That two people do this is unacceptable. I am ashamed and embarrassed and am disappointed that two people manage to destroy an entire company, "Kaas Mortensen told NRK.

Cheese Mortensen says they have to stop the road train, which is on its way to Alta or Skjevøy.

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