Herring tractor driver on the run for the police at 30 km / h created a long line

The police wanted Tuesday that a tractor driver was suspected to drive in Evenskjer on Tuesday morning. This was the beginning of a car yacht without the police seeing that the driver drank beer behind the wheel.

"The driver refused to stop, but since the speed was about 30 kilometers per hour, there was a long line behind the tractor and the police," said operational manager Ivar Bo Nilsson in Nordland.

The police in Troms chased the driver to Evenes and the area around the airport as the tractor mounted and drove to the forest.

Then Troms left the leadership of the action to Nordland since the hunt crossed the border of the county.

"There were two cars that followed the tractor from Troms.In the terrain at the airport the tractor is stuck in. The police hunted on foot and we finally got control over the man.

An on-the-spot check showed that the driver was shooting red and that the man is now traveling to a consultation room for blood tests.

The driver said that the tractor driver never seemed to have given instructions to stop the police. Because the tractor was much larger than the police cars, they did not dare to block the road.

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