House burned in the center of Bremnes

FIRE: The house in Smievegen on Bremnes total damage. (Photo: BØMLO BRAND AND RESERVATION)

At five o'clock in the morning naudetan heard about Bømlo after a report of a fire in the fire in Smievegen in Bremnes.

– At first I was not sure if there were people in the house, because there were neighbors who had seen the fire. I did my best to make contact with all the people in the building when I arrived, but the annex was overthrown, I could not go with smoke divers, guard Otto Martinsen at Bømlo's fire and rescue.

He told them that flames were from the windows and doors when they came to town.

"Fortunately the police came in contact with the owner and during the wreck I was told that there was no room in the house," said Martinsen, who reportedly had a great relief in the city when the message came in.

The fire was so extensive that the fire department chose to take a controlled burn-out of the house as soon as they did not spread the fire to other houses such as the neighborhood. Operations manager Victor Jensen in the South West Police District reports that the police have acted forensic about the relationship and that it is still too early to see anything about fire.

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