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"The police are now working on an overview of residents who have been registered at the address", says Operations Manager Ole Bjørn Kleivane in the Agder Police District at NRK.

It is a large detached house with several residential units in Joåsveien that have fallen over and according to the police more people are registered at the address.

Currently the firefighters have not been able to enter the house.

No contact with all residents

At 6:15 am the police reported that it is still burning in the house, which consists of three rental units.

"It will take a while before the fire brigade can enter the house The police did not come into contact with someone who was registered at the address Research on site was conducted and recovered, the police wrote on Twitter.

Fire in a residential area in Joåsveien in Arendal

The fire brigade broke out in Joåsveien with four fire engines and 15 men.

Photo: Elisabeth Grosvold / NRK

Total Wounded

Kjell Christian Knarvik, deputy head of the 110th district in Agder, tells NRK that on demand there are demanding conditions with big flames and lots of smoke.

Knarvik says that the fire brigade with four fire engines & 15 men moved to the fire in Joåsveien and reported that there would be no immediate danger of spreading to neighboring houses.

At 05.28 the fire department reports that the house is completely damaged and that they are doing the aftersales on the spot.

The police were aware of the fire of a passerby just before 4.30 pm until Tuesday.

Fire in Joåsveien in Arendal

It is not known whether there are people in the burning house.

Photo: Elisabeth Grosvold / NRK

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