Høyres Svein Harberg admits: the government has not reported to the Storting

After heavy pressure during the hearing on Monday, Høyres representative Svein Harberg acknowledges that the government has given the Deposit incorrect information. Former Attorney General Per-Willy Amundsen believes that all information he has given to Prime Minister Erna Solberg is correct.

DEPOSIT (ABC news): Høyres parliamentary deputy and member of the control and constitutional committee, Svein Harberg, recognize ABC News that the government has reported errors to the Storting.

"What I have not received, which will probably be clarified later during the hearing, is who has known what will happen." There is a long timeline here and that is still demanding. "It is clear that there is an error message was the question is whether it caused problems for further progress, I do not feel that this is the case, "Harberg told ABC News.

– But you can find out that there was an error report?

"It was absolutely at a given moment," answers Høyre's representative in the committee.

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KrF: information that was clearly not correct

KrF representative Hans Fredrik Grøvan stated earlier that Erna Solberg gave a popular image of reality during the 2017 hearing.

– Here it was an information that was clearly not right. The question is when the government has understood or received information about it. But it is clear that the information has influenced how the Storting handled the case, "says Grøvan to ABC Nyheter.

"We need to have an answer on how this could have happened," he says.

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Humlegård: The government misunderstood

The essence of the battle is that Erna Solberg stated at the previous hearing in 2017 that the police directorate had green about covered objects:

– When the Directorate of Police reports green and the Deposit is announced to be in a port with object protection, it is based on incorrect information, the Prime Minister said at the time.

Police director Odd Reidar Humlegård, open-minded, in the Committee on Control and Constitution of Deposit in the investigation by the Auditor General into object protection. Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

It was returned that police chief Odd Reidar Humlegård during the hearing Monday.

The reason was that in the budget for 2016 the government informed the Deposit of the following:

"All companies in the justice sector have reported that sheltered objects are protected in accordance with the safety regulations for objects."

Humlegård rejected the fact that it was once a matter of securing objects. These were security forces.

"The police directorate has never reported green about object protection," Humlegard told ABC News.

He says the police station already informed the government about the mistake in November, one month after the budget for 2016 was presented in October 2015.

– There has certainly been an error in the system. The police management has very good information about which we have reported. Object protection and security forces are two very different things, he continues.

"The government's error reporting did not obstruct our work," he adds.

That is why he rejects the Prime Minister's claim during the hearing from 2017 onwards.

– We have not reported for the entire judicial sector. Our report was for the police and this only concerned the status of the use of security forces, says Humlegård.

According to police chief Odd Reidar Humlegård, POD has repeatedly told the Ministry of Justice that the budget proposal presented in November 2015 contained errors regarding the status of objects to be screened.

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Amundsen denies the wrong information

While Secretary of State Per-Willy Amundsen opposed the opposition and refused to be informed by mistake.

Both during the hearing of the Committee for Control and Constitution and in the face of journalists afterwards, Amundsen claimed that he had given a true and fair view of the work of securing police objects and the status of making plans for the security forces.

Amundsen would have no opinion on how or why Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) could produce the object of object protection during last year's hearing.

"I hear you say that the Prime Minister has provided incorrect information, but I can not help it, the Prime Minister must answer for himself, I have never misinformed the Deposit," Amundsen said after hearing.

– All information from me has been correct. The Prime Minister has received a correct picture of the ministry that I can benefit from.

Former judge and deputy minister Per-Willy Amundsen speaks to the press after open consultation in the Commission Control and Constitution of Deposits in the office of the Office of the auditor's research on object protection. Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

– How serious it is

SV and AP attack the government too hard after Humlegård's statements:

– We have now confirmed that the Deposit was misinformed. It is serious and contrary to the constitution. The Storting made a mistake from autumn 2015 to Friday. It's as serious as it may be, says SV's man on the Control and Constitution Committee, Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes, (SV) at ABC Nyheter.

The same is the chairman of the committee for control and constitution, Dag Terje Andersen (AP).

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