Hundreds took part in actions against stations and increased house prices

The operation was carried out in connection with the upcoming increase in toll charges and 38 new filling stations that will be operational from 1 October. The roundabouts are set up from Sandnes in the south to Stavanger and Randaberg in the north and Sola, Risavika and Hafrsfjord in the west.

The operation started in Stavanger and Sandnes at 6 pm, and traffic was very slow at Bybrua in Stavanger and at Heigreveien i Sandnes. The police estimated that only 1,000 people participated in the demonstration only in Sandnes.

"It turns out that when the bombardment comes around the corner and becomes reality for people, they also see the consequences, which is why people get angry and are now on the streets and show dissatisfaction with the decision taken, Sigurd says. Sjursen to NRK He started the Facebook group "For those who are opponents of the bombing in Sandnes and Stavanger", who now has more than 44,000 members.

44 crowns per pass

For light vehicles, the boom rates are increased from 20 to 22 crowns without the hassle of the so-called Urban Package, while the price will be double – 44 crowns – within rush hours in the morning and afternoon. The new rates are assessed after one year.

The rush rate is of course only paid on weekdays and there are various discount schemes. With a bomb in the car you get a 20 percent discount, and this is only payable for one pass in one hour. You also pay a maximum of 75 passages within a month.

In the rain and with almost constant lessons around, Sjursen was so close that the last action was not complete. The hope is that politicians have to turn.

– Of course there will be more demonstrations. We will continue driving and when we see that the crowd grows every time we arrange something, it is clear that we will keep the pressure on the boiler. And we will remind politicians that enough is enough and that we want a change in what has now been adopted, he says.

threats dead

The notorious bump chess has aggravated many people. A poll conducted by Response Analysis commissioned by Stavanger Aftenblad and NRK in the period from 15 to 20 August shows that seven of the ten opponents are of the new bomb attack.

Resistance has also led to police reports. Last week the new regional television company for South and Western Norway, Ferde, chose to report murders to CEO Trond Juvik.

The threats were expressed in the commentary under an article in Stavanger Aftenblad where Juvik was interviewed. In one of the comments, one person writes that the Ferde boss should "have a bullet in his forehead to a stall in the fox" while another says, "I hope it will happen soon." Another person has encouraged to blow up the bombing and wrote "should know where they live" under a critical post on the management group for the environment package City.

– People have to think about what they write, even if they are sitting in front of the screen in the living room. What they write is harsh for those who are victims, and it can be punishable, "police chief Leif Ole Topnes said to the newspaper.

The police also reported that Wednesday's actions were okay, although the queues lasted a while in the night.

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