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The team behind the TV program Folkeopplysningen wanted three celebrities in a new spin of "Four Star Dinner". The celebrities got chicken for starters, while they saw photos of chicken production. Then they had to slaughter their own main course, a lamb.

Then the celebrities pulled one by one. In a letter to the production they explained that they were afraid to appear as "bad, stupid or at least hypocritical".

It is not known who the celebrities have come from the program.

– could tolerate it

Celebrity friend Inga Berit Lein, known from "Farmen Kjendis" and "Hunting for Love" on TV 2, says she became speechless when she saw that the celebrities had withdrawn from the slaughter program.

Inga Berit

KJENDISBONDE: Inga Berit Lein has participated in television programs such as Farmen Kjendis, the pursuit of love and peasants in the city.

Photo: private

"We are starting to get pretty far from reality when it becomes a problem to slaughter animals," says Lein.

Lein has slaughtered animals on television several times. In the television program "Farmers in the City" she slaughtered both pig and bull and in "Farm Celebrity" she slaughtered a pig.

"What I was most worried about when I paired the animal was that it looked pretty, so the mentor would approve it," said the television farmer.

Lein, from Verdal, says that it is harmless, according to many, if the beef is labeled with a nice name in the stores because they do not take over where it really comes from.

"If you eat meat, you should be able to stand in front of it," says Lein.

The farmer emphasizes that she does not know who the celebrities are from the program or what they stand for.

– Meet yourself in the door

Professor of social anthropology at Kristiania College, Runar Døving, is not surprised that celebrities have withdrawn from the program.

He believes that there is a fundamental cowardice in our culture when it comes to meat and slaughter.

Runar Døving

Professor of social anthropology at the Kristiania college, Runar Døving, says he believes that celebrities will only be recorded when the slaughter appears on television.

Photo: NRK

"The celebrities were not used to seeing it, they saw what it was and were afraid to be stamped," said the professor.

He believes that we disrupt our production animals and that there is a mismatch between our performance in the field of animal husbandry and how it really is.

– In the face of slaughter, many meet themselves in the door.

It will not be simpler for the celebrities with television cameras present, who show this fighting spirit all over Norway, explains the professor.

He is of the opinion that, unless the slaughter was shown on television, the celebrities could not have performed. And if the program had been recorded 20-30 years ago, the celebrities would not have withdrawn.

– It is denial of the reality of life and difficult to talk about. They get their own taboo in the crowd. At the same time, we have never eaten more meat. That means that it is a denial and a taboo and a huge dilemma.

He proposes to have cameras in the slaughterhouses 24 hours a day. Only then people can get enough information and insights to choose how to treat the animals, he says.

"The special thing is that the slaughterhouse is hidden from our horizon, we have not been there, many do not even know where it is, but we still regard ourselves as enlightened," says Døving.

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– Do not see it

Director of the Egg and Meat Information Office, Dag Henning Reksnes, wonders how many people should actually be able to slaughter.

Day Henning Reksnes

UNDERSTANDING REACTION: director of the information office for eggs and meat, Dag Henning Reksnes, says it is understandable that people react when confronted with slaughter.

Photo: The information desk for eggs and meat

– If someone is very interested to see how this happens, it is possible to deal with a slaughterhouse. But for ordinary people I do not see the point, he says.

Reksnes believes that the most important thing is that the rules are respected, but that people must recognize that eating meat means killing animals.

He points out that in the farming community that Norway once was, there is less and less contact with food production.

"In Norway we usually have very good systems installed.The Norwegian food safety authority controls the animals both before and after the slaughter and there is a good education of the slaughterers There will always be things that are not good, but in general It is of good quality, and of course it is noisy to see that an animal is killed, he says.

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