Ingrid Espelid Hovig bisettes today

BISETTES IN FROGNER CHURCH: Ingrid Espelid Hovig was 94 years old.
BISETTES IN FROGNER CHURCH: Ingrid Espelid Hovig was 94 years old. Photo: Frode Hansen, VG


Ingrid Espelid Hovig – The whole mother-in-law of Norway is now under the spell of Frogner Church in Oslo. The famous NRK profile died on 3 August. She was 94 years old.

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in obituary the family cited the poem by Olav H. Hauges: "It is the dream".

Espelid Hovig learned to cook Norway from a television program director for the "Television Kitchen" from 1964 to 1996 and directed more than 300 broadcasts of the popular program. Before she started in the television kitchen, she had been making television shows for years.

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She has also published a number of books on cooking, including Eyvind Hellstrøm.

Bisatt in Oslo

Hellstrøm was, of course, present at the wedding ceremony, in a well-dressed suit.

– She was the mother of the nation. She has learned, perhaps not the whole, but at least half of the people who are interested in eating and cooking. What I am afraid of now is that everything is forgotten, and then we can not expect Ingrid to be here and show us how to make ribs.

"I would like to remember Ingrid in a great way She was the incarnation of kindness and safety I am not sad today, but I remember none of us immortal, Hellstrøm and cheered when he thought about how many fun festivals he was with Ingrid.

VG hit Arne Hjeltnes on his way to the bisettelsen. He wrote the book "90 dishes to Ingrid Espelid Hovig" in connection with her 90th birthday.

"I will remember her as the great national mediator of the Norwegian food culture, a lady who was great to be with, with an appearance that made you feel that you were being seen and cared for.

"She was incredibly charming, and an important person to develop the food culture here in Norway, told Hjeltnes who was" familiar "with Espelid Hovig first through the TV screen.

Lars Barmen was one of the many chefs Espelid Hovig "adopted". He worked with her for many years.

She was the nicest lady in the world! Always gentle, always smiling. Mild, but certainly, like Kofi Annan, told Barmen.

NRK chef Thor Gjermund Eriksen was also present during the wedding ceremony.

– She was a great mediator! Personally, I have very much connected her with Christmas when I was little.

Espelid Hovig received a number of awards, among other things she received the 1st rank of St. Olavs Order in 1994.

In 2013, the biography of the popular NRK profile, "Ingrid", was written by Ingar Sletten Kolloen.

In an interview with VG that day, Ingrid Espelid Hovig died, he told him that he was very grateful that he could write the book about her:

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Thanks for the food, Ingrid!

"She was very generous to others, kind and one of the few people in the world, it is impossible to find anything negative about." She was opposed to a good person, Kolloen said.

Husband Jan Hovig died just nine days after they were married, something she tells about in the biography published by Ingar Sletten Kolloen in 2013.

The two beat when they were 49 years old and they only got four years together. He was one of the most renowned architects of Norway and was characterized in the biography of Kollo as the love of her life.

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