It looked like it was in the tunnels after the high-speed train had passed

"Fortunately, this does not happen often," says Vegvesenet.

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Monday afternoon traffic stopped in many parts of Bergen. A high trolley had damaged the roof in several tunnels on its way from Mongstad.

"Fortunately, it does not happen often that this happens in different tunnels, which happened a lot yesterday," says Helge Gilberg, who is the construction manager for electrical and electrical maintenance in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Injuries for half a million

The roadside had to close the Fløyfjell tunnel and the Hordvikt tunnel for a few hours to clean up after the truck train. Gilberg says that both tunnels have suffered considerable damage.

"With costs such as exclamation, damage control, replacement of the fan and repair of damage to obstacle marking, the cost will be about half a million," he said.

In the Fløyfjell tunnel, the height at the entrance to the tunnel is damaged, as is a fan.

– The fan was so badly damaged that it was immediately taken. The bolts on which the fan is hanging are seriously damaged, he says.

In the Hordvikt tunnel too, the height barrier was heavily curved.

"There are also three fans, but these are not critical injuries, they are thoroughly investigated, but not removed.

Because the truck train came from Mongstad, the Road Administration also checked the tunnels on this route.

"We examined the tunnels for similar injuries, but found nothing.

Case with the police

Traffic stagnated for several hours, also on detours, where a lot of energy was put into it. Åsane and Nordhordland were most affected by the chaos, but traffic to the center of the city was also slow.

The Fløyfjell tunnel opened just after 9 pm after being closed for four and a half hours. The fence tunnel was closed for three hours before it was opened again, while the Eidsvåg tunnel was closed for almost one and a half hours.

– Since there were more tunnels on the same route that were damaged, we must be absolutely certain that nothing else was damaged before the tunnels were reopened. In addition, a fan had to be disassembled. That's why it took some time before we could open them again, "he said.

The driver of the truck lost the patch.

"He was stopped by the police in the Fløyfjell tunnel and taken to Dokken, where the patrol asked a question and robbed him of his driving license, police chief Morten Rebnord said on Monday evening.

According to Gilberg in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, both tunnels are 4.5 meters high.

"That's the height of the tunnels and something the driver has to deal with, which will be an issue if the investigation and the police go further, he says.

Gilberg says it will take weeks before everything is in place, but that this has no consequences for road users.

"Our goal is for road users to notice the least possible strikes," he says.

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