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Minister of Finance Siv Jensen announced on Wednesday that the transition to the new measurement rules will be postponed to 2020.

In principle, the new method should be used as the basis for calculating flat-rate payments from 1 January 2019. According to Jensen, the reason for the postponement is that the transition must be carried out in a predictable manner.

  • The new measurement method is called WLTP, which stands for "Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure".
  • WLTP measures fuel consumption, range and exhaust emissions from a car.
  • WLTP takes over from the old test cycle, NEDC, from September 2018.
  • Now the government proposes to postpone the transition to 2020. This means that values ​​from approximately previous NEDC measurements will also be used in the tax calculation in 2019. For car & # 39; s measured by WLTP, CO2values ​​are based on WLTP values, which are converted into NEDC according to a fixed model (CO2MPAS).

  • The test procedure consists of a driving distance of 23 kilometers that lasts 30 minutes and consists of four different phases. The average speed is 47 km / h. The weight and accessories of the car are included in the calculation.

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"It is uncertain how much emissions will increase with the new method, and we believe there is a need for a better and more reliable database before we introduce such a change," says Jensen.

The suspension was supported by Naf.

"This comes late, but good for the government and Siv Jensen, the postponement gives predictability for car buyers." Naf is pleased that the government is now seeing what we have been warning for a long time – that such a jump in costs is a completely necessary green change of the parking space will slow down, "said Camilla Ryste, communications manager at Naf at DN.

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Camilla Ryste is communication manager at Naf Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

«Banal rainfall»

The statement to Ryste is not welcomed by Marius Holm, general director of the Environmental Foundation Zero. Holm emphasizes that he supports a postponement for a year, but that it must imply that the new method is introduced in 2020.

He can not understand how Naf finds out that a jump in fees as a result of the new measuring method will delay a green switchover of the parking garage.

– I have been reported by so-called light rainfall. The point is that we must prevent new polluting cars from being sold. A new diesel or petrol car produces 15 years of new emissions. It will have an impact on whether we are achieving the 2030 targets in Norway, "says Holm.

He points out that a used car with one to two years of life is better "safe" than a new car.

"The logical calculation is that there will be higher emissions, the higher the sale of polluting cars." If the car sales fall, in anticipation of the arrival of more electric cars in the parking garage, it is very good for climate emissions, says Holm.


Camilla Ryste emphasizes that Naf is intended for the introduction of WLTP in 2020.

"But the transition can not mean a tax increase for fossil cars," she says.

"People are busy with choosing cars with low emissions, so now we should not be so enthusiastic that car owners lose support from car buyers and delay the green transition of the parking lot.

Ryste also believes that it will take many years before the electric cars can meet the needs of all drivers and that many people are unable to get an electric car because of long waiting lists and bad infrastructure.

"There is a good reason why politicians have set a deadline by 2025 before all new cars sold have to be zero-emission cars." Time is needed to get both technology and infrastructure in order. unrealistic that no one has to buy a new car, then a newer and more traffic-efficient car with lower emissions is better than old fossil cars, "Ryste said.

No political battle

Tax spokesperson in SV, Kari Elisabeth Kaski, is critical of the postponement.

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Kari Elisabeth Kaski is a fiscal spokesman in SV Photo: Per Ståle Bugjerde

"We are very disappointed that the government is slowing down by introducing the new system and we are concerned that consumers are advised to buy petrol and diesel cars," Kaski told DN.

She is supported by the Swedish Conservation Association.

– This is very disappointing. The old measuring method systematically shows far too low emissions and gives the impression that the parking lot is much more climate-friendly than it really is. This means that cars with high CO2 emissions will be too cheap. Continuing this outdated measurement method is deceiving itself, "says Silje Ask Lundberg, chairman of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

But there will probably be no political battle over the postponement. Fiscal spokesperson in KrF, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, supports the postponement.

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Kjell Ingolf Ropstad is deputy chairman of KrF Photo: Nicklas Knudsen

– I think the decision is sensible. This should have happened a long time ago, but once we are here, this is a simple way to create predictability. Then we get an important debate about how we can make the conversion in the best possible way that does not create unpredictability and short time for adjustment, he writes in an e-mail to DN.(Conditions)

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