Kaos at the subway station in Oslo – The police did not intervene when fire supporters lit a fire

Sunday afternoon there was a complete chaos in the National Theater underground station, and a supporter of the fire fell on the circuit and was seriously injured. The wounded salvagers are in the early 20s.

The sports club Brann opens the door to the stadium this afternoon for supporters who need to talk after the accident.

"We are in contact with his family and are waiting for information about how he is doing", says Vibeke Johannesen, general manager of Sport Club Brann, at BT.

Before the battle between Brann and Vålerenga, the police had mobilized several patrols outside the National Theater metro station.

"We were on the spot with some patrols because this station was between where the two followers stayed", says Runar Skarnes, head of the police operations center.

Not stopped cleaning fire

Skarnes emphasizes that he was not present himself, but bases his statements on what he has been reported.

When the Brann supporters came to the square outside the subway station, they picked up Bengal light flash – which smoked the area.

The police have not intervened at this time.

"I understand that the patrols there were of the opinion that there was no problem with flares because it was outdoors," says Skarnes.

– Is it legal to light the fire in the middle?

– Emergency fire of a pyrotechnic type is required for local fire brigade.

Skarnes says that if there is no threatening fire hazard, the police can choose not to hit it that hard. But when they saw that the supporters went to the station, they had to grab.

Followed with two patrols

"I was told that the Brann supporters flared up when they came down to the east platform, and when the patrol saw it, they followed with two patrols, but they came back in line and the accident happened almost immediately.

Videos made by the cultural editor of Aftenposten who were present show that the police were shut down just after Fire's supporters arrived. It is unclear when the police followed. On the video when the accident happens, the police are not on the platform.

Skarnes says that the fans behaved well outside, so that the spectators were not stopped, or gradually went into the station.

Must evaluate

Has the police dealt with this situation properly?

"It's always the case if you see" fasit "afterwards, you see what you could do differently, and the police that were there did what they thought was right at the moment, says Skarnes.

"It is clear that this is a tragic accident, and if the role of the police directly or indirectly influenced the outcome, I do not think it is right to make a judgment, but we must be prepared to see and evaluate something can be done better.

There are security officers from City Security who are responsible for the security of the station. On the video below you can see that the guards were brought to the platform after the accident. General Manager Anders Ek in the security company says that he has no detailed knowledge of what happened and which assessments were behind the decision of the weights to stand outside while people poured into the station.

I ask Aftenposten to talk about this with the highway. Commander Cato Asperud, communications manager, said the security officers were there and that the police were present.

"From what we know now, we can not do anything else, we have experience with football fans and we had an appropriate crew in relation to that, and we could not predict what was happening, says Asperud.

– Why were guards on the outside and not inside?

"I do not know the circumstances and can not comment on them", says Asperud.

The motorway has a professional appearance to provide metro drivers who end up in such situations. Asperud announces that the driver of the accident train will receive a follow-up of this team.

Hamlet in the subway

The fire alarm is activated due to heavy smoke on the inverter. The tram tells Aftenposten that in such a case the trains should not stop at the station, but drive slowly. This also happened on Sunday afternoon: the subway was slow, without stopping and on the ride.

The editor of the evening editor was at the station and heard that some were hammered in the subway seconds before it was called for the subway to stop due to the accident.

– We have a testimony that it was beaten in the subway. We can not yet say how many people were knocking, "says lawyer Eric Lindset.

The case is being investigated as an accident by the police. The highway has delivered images of video surveillance from the station to the police.

The mountain detector must have fallen on the railway between the first and second carriages. One theory is that people have hammered the metros cavalry car in an attempt to stop it. In this context, the supporter of the fire fell on the track.

"We research broadly and have all the opportunities open, but we do not yet have all the details from the videos, but are working on mapping what has happened, says Lindset.

So far the police have questioned seven witnesses. The police also asked a brief question about the driver of the metro. According to Lindset it is normal to question him again.

Why did not he stop?

"It's too early to say anything about this," Lindset replied.

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