Keep looking for missing woman (65) with dog and helicopter – no finds at night

Listening in the field tonight, but no traces of missing woman (65) in the Voss area. "We hope that we will find a person alive," the police said.

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The woman started a journey Tuesday morning from Smågiljane on Voss. The target was Gråsidetoppen (see map below), a mountain of about 1300 meters. She must have gone alone with a dog.

The journey takes about five to six hours. When she did not return, the family worried that something had happened to her. She was reported missing at 17.38.

Wednesday morning, in the 5th century, operations manager Helge Blindheim in the West police district said no findings or special observations were made during the night.

"Tonight there have been three listeners, but since Tuesday night there is nothing new, from 7:00 am and after that we continue with great resources, including helicopters and dogs, Blindheim said on Wednesday morning.

– It is still a rescue operation. We hope that we will find a person alive.

Immigration Operations Manager Morten Rebnord said the search began at 7:30 am, with six dog breeders from Norwegian rescue dogs, three dog patrols from the police and seven Red Cross crews.

Wednesday morning Civil Defense reports in Hordaland that they has about 20 explorers. They also write that it is expected very bad weather and a lot of rain Wednesday.

The search started at 19.21 Tuesday. A local police patrol, deputy leader and police dog patrol arrived at the meeting place in Smågiljane on Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday evening, Red Cross crews, seven drivers from Norwegian rescue dogs and a Super Puma helicopter from Florø were on the campaign.

On Wednesday evening, most people were sent home to rest while three stand-by listeners stayed at strategic points in the field.

"They are cliffs, landfills and, not least, steep, it is not safe to go there, even if you have a good light around it.

– Have you searched anywhere in the area?

– No, it's a big area. We have not come across anything. It is preferable to concentrate on paths.

I can not come into contact

The 65-year-old woman had to take a mobile phone with her during her trip. The police said Tuesday evening that it still had electricity. The many phone calls, however, were worthless.

– We followed the phone. Then you get an indication that the phone is in that area. Nevertheless, the area is too big to make it possible to locate it. We also sent one Message «Rescue Me». It can give us precise coordinates, but it has not given an answer to it.

Rescue helicopter with heating camera should also have been outside tonight.

Operations manager Blindheim says that the temperature in the area is good.

– It is relatively mild. What we are worried about is a weather forecast Wednesday with a lot of rainfall.

The dog is also not found in the area.

"After what we know, they have gone up together.

Blindheim says that there are many huts in the area and that they will try that Wednesday.

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