Kidnapped Northman must be pardoned in Gambia

Several local media reported on this Monday night, according to VG, who was the first to mention the case in Norway.

When the Norwegian was arrested in December 2010 in Gambia with six small boys in the room, he was previously convicted in Norway. The Norwegian police had then sent information about the man via Interpol and a message of concern to the Gambian police, according to TV 2.

Before he went to Gambia, he was also convicted in a new serious case in Norway.

"My knowledge is still in Norway and part of the verdict was, as far as I remember, driven from Gambia," says Norwegian lawyer Sigurd Klomsæt, who had not spoken to his client on Tuesday morning.

The 53-year-old has been convicted for more than 100 attacks against his own son and various other minors. NRK writes that the Oslo police have stated earlier that they will consider calling the man and bringing him to Norway if he is released in Gambia.

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