KrF surpasses the silence about the future of the family politician of the party after homovigment

Thursday is the central board meeting in KrF. Then the prestige of the party's party spokesman, Geir Bekkevold, will probably be a subject.

After serving as a priest in his free time, the lesbian communication manager of the party and her partner, some promised that he would no longer have to eradicate KrF's family policy in the Storting.

"It was an unclear act," Ann Kathrine Skjørshammer told Aftenposten. She is head of the Women & # 39; s Movement (KrF Women) of the Christian Movement Party and sits in the central government of the party.

Naturally, the issue is discussed in the central government

The leader of KrF Women believes that Bekkevold "gave some signals" when he made the wedding ceremony and points out that he was more than a normal private person. She remembers that he represents a party that has had many discussions about the vision of marriage.

KrF was against the new marriage act that, from 2009, allowed two of the same sex to marry. In the current program it is no longer said that the party will work to reverse the law, but the party stresses that marriage is an "order between man and woman with deep roots in faith and tradition."

Although it is stated that "KrF promises marriage between a man and a woman …", it is said that the party "recognizes that people are different and respect that they make different choices for their lives."

Skørshammer: Takes the debate internally

Skjørshammer will not publicly say anything about whether Bekkevold would remain the main spokesperson of the party policy for family policy at the Storting, nor would she want to know anything about the outcome of the case.

"We have to discuss that internally within the party, which is difficult, she says.

– Do you think the issue will be a subject of the central rule meeting?

"It is natural that it will be," she answers.

The issue is in principle not the case on the agenda, but can be dealt with under the topic "current policy".

A provincial leader has asked him to leave

None of KrF & # 39; s two deputies would answer questions about Bekkevold's position on Monday. Several other central politicians also chose not to answer Aftenposten's questions about the issue.

Leader of the Christian People's Party Youth (KrFU), Martine Tønnessen, writes in an SMS to Aftenposten that she believes that Bekkevold should continue as spokesman for the family. She does not think the case should be handled by the central government of the party on Thursday.

It raged around Bekkevold after the wedding ceremony. In addition to the fact that a number of members have opted out, the provincial councilor in Vestfold, according to NRK, has proposed to resign as spokesman for the family policy. The district councilor in Østfold has also made a critical statement, while provincial leader in Bekkevold's home country, Telemark, says that it is up to the parliamentary group whether Bekkevold remains in office.

The parliamentary representative of Vest-Agder's party, Hans Fredrik Grøvan, is also one of those who openly criticized Bekkevold.

The Storting Group decides

Knut Arild Hareide, in contrast to Aftenposten on Thursday, meant that one should make a distinction between what Bekkevold does in his free time as a pastor and what he does as a parliamentary representative has stated that Bekkevolds position as a family car politician does not stand out as a theme will come.

It is ultimately KrF's parliamentary group that determines which politicians in the group should have different positions. The group will establish itself around 1 October in connection with the parliamentary constitution and the official opening of a new session. But if there is a clear signal in one direction or another by the central government of the party, they will of course be emphasized.

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