Kripos investigates suspicious deaths in Vesterålen – NRK Nordland – Local news, TV and radio

The Kripos researchers have been in Vesterålen since spring, at the request of the local police.

– This week we have been three from Kripos. Usually we were six and eventually there will probably be more than those here, "said policeman Frode Thomas Lier in Kripos to Vesterålen Online.

According to Lier, Kripos enters the area until they have decided that they will not go further in the investigation or until they find a possible solution.

The deaths investigated took place in 2016. At the time, it was difficult to conclude what had happened, whether it was a suicide or a criminal act.

The police in Vesterålen investigated the case but could not conclude. The lawyer thought the case should be investigated further.

The investigation was resumed and earlier this year the Kremlin police forces asked for help.

– This is a case that can kill as well as kill. We have made it clear that we will discover what has happened on the present day. We will respond to the surviving relatives on what has happened and to clarify whether something has happened, "says Lier.

According to him, there are too many unsolved questions on this issue for the time being.

"We have had some clarity in recent months, and then there is something else", says Lier.

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