Kuriosa , RETAIL – The defense cried when grenade was delivered to the flea market in Lier

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What was probably a grenade was delivered to a flea market in Lier and cost 50 kronnes on Wednesday. The police were informed and the military was called.

"The police have asked for help from the armed forces after a possible grenade for a flea market was filed.The" flea "was priced at 50 k before it was discovered that it might have been put in a safe place instead of the sale, the Southeastern police station twitter.

The police were informed just before 13.00. "The race" was first set up with other items that were on sale at the flea market, before the managers discovered it was a grenade. Then it was removed and placed in another room and informed the police, Drammens Tidende writes.

– People need to be aware of what they deliver, not just hide things in a bag. This can be anything and everything, it is hopeless with such objects. There must be professionals to take care of the healthcare, "says operations manager Trond Egil Groth at the police.

Of course, the police took no risks and contacted the armed forces for assistance.

"We can not take any risks with potential explosive elements, but it can have major consequences, but usually this works out well," says Groth.

The police do not know who delivered the grenade and reported that they will not investigate the matter further.

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