Leader in Christian Mindmaid believes that KrF misses direction

The declaration of the authorized representative Bekkevold and Hareide received yesterday from the central government of their own party, have not settled in KrF. Several people report new releases.

Leader Creator, Filip Rygg, says that KrF's situation is now more demanding than ever in modern times. He has three main reasons why:

  • an extra bad election result at the previous elections
  • uncertainty in the core bodies about where the party is going
  • It has been a long time since the party has had the power of the government

Describes a party without direction

Back indicates that the KrF leader is in a very difficult spagat.

"The spagat was also present in the KrF in 1997, which is easy to forget, when there was a very wide width in the party, the new fog directions, but if you do not know where to go, the width becomes extra demanding. It is a bit out of the challenge now, the project is unclear, you do not know where to go and the time is spent on internal discussions.

The Bekkevold case, which has created internal rabbi in the party in recent weeks, comes on top of an ongoing debate about what the party should be in the future and with whom the party will cooperate.

Negative news becomes extra large

According to Rygg negative things like the "Bekkevold case" become extraordinary when the party experiences a lot of setbacks.

"I absolutely think this has a negative impact on the project, but at the same time it tends to overlap individual cases and underestimate the big picture Some have clearly provoked themselves, but it is related to the fact that there has been little has been excitement, he says, adding that "negative news becomes very big for some in the absence of good news."

To compromise what no one likes

Rygg, who is a member of the Danish KrF, was councilor for the party in Bergen, member of the district council and deputy representative of the Storting, and said that the government issue "the party has been driven like a mare" since the party the last time the government in 2005.

"Instead of making a decision and disappointing someone, compromises are made that do not make anyone happy, and if someone does not decide, it will not be peace, but more unrest, he thinks.

Although he does not want to describe KrF & # 39; s situation as impossible and hopeless, he believes that "the situation is crying out for leadership and leadership."

"You have to accept some choices that not everyone will be happy about," he says.

At the same time, he points out that if KrF loses its core deputies, it will not have the basis to reach new electoral groups.

– You have to take care of the home care. If the fans do not thrive, it will not work, he says.

Must quickly search for power

Knut Arild Hareide recently said in an interview with Aftenposten in Arendal that there is no ideal collaboration solution for KrF.

Rygg believes, however, that the best KrF can do now, quickly seek strength, preferably all this autumn.

"The party should do it for the next election," he said, pointing out that the party should start with politics, showing their team and presenting new profiles. "

He will not give a clear recommendation as to what kind of KrF government should go into, but does not exclude the constellation of today. He admits, however, that KrF & # 39; s election promise not to govern Frp is a challenge in this way.

Investigations after the elections show that KrF has both members who believe that the party can rule with the Ap, and voters who think it must seek power from Frp. A survey by Repons recently made in Agder shows that on the right is the party that most KrF voters have as second choice.

– Must be willing to rule with H, V and Frp

Vest-Agder County Product Rapporteur Tore Askildsen reports Friday to Fædrelandsvennen that KrF now has to swallow camels and to go to the government with Left, Left and Frp. He also believes that it must be done quickly.

"By building ourselves further in the center, we see the foundation under our feet crumbling, we have to make a choice, and for me one of the most direct ideas that we have to swallow some camels, and be prepared to use Right, Left and Frp to enter the government, "he told the newspaper.

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