Local communities and football teams in mourning after knife killing in Majorstuen

DOES INVESTIGATE: Forensics also carried out research on the scene on Tuesday.
DOES INVESTIGATE: Forensics also carried out research on the scene on Tuesday. Photo: TORE KRISTIANSEN


Friends and acquaintances from the community where the late 25-year-old grew up is in shock and crying today. A football match is also canceled because of the murder.


The man in his mid-twenties who, according to the police, was killed in the apartment in which he lived in Majorstuen i Oslo described as a very active, friendly and fun man of the community.

The man lived and worked in Oslo, but originally came from a municipality in Østfold.

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– He had a large network. There were many people who knew him and many know the family. This characterizes the municipality, says the mayor of the municipality.

He received a lot of desperate feedback from residents.

"One thing is such a serious event in itself, but when there is so much uncertainty, and when the police do not know what happened a day after the murder and nobody arrested, it can be even worse", said the rapporteur. VG.

On the cry

No one has been arrested in the murder case and the police say they have not suspected anyone.

Dede lived with three other comrades in the apartment in Majorstuen. Two of them explained that they left the apartment at 7.50 am on Monday morning.

The deceased must be at work at nine o'clock, but never met.

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– The room of the housemates leaves the apartment and is an important moment for the police until it is found. Here we are concerned with all possible information, says the head of the joint intelligence and investigation unit in the Oslo police district, Grete Lien Metlid at VG.

It was one of the roommates who found the man dead in the apartment at 12 o'clock on Monday. The roommate, called AMK, and the police were informed about the knife storage. After the VG is informed, the scene has a clear indication that the murders were committed in a very brutal way.

VG has had contact with several people who have died. Several say they are in shock and something unthinkable has happened.

"He was always a gentle and social person that pleased everyone in the neighborhood," said a friend to VG.

From a number of deceased people are described as what a man could always talk to.

– He was a gigantic and generous type. Our colleagues were shocked when we heard what had happened, "said a colleague.

Football match postponed

The deceased is described as "extremely football-interested" and was active in the football club in the hometown.

Tonight, the football team, where several deceased deceased comrades played, played a crucial promotion match. This match is now postponed until Thursday because of the murder.

"The news about the murder is shocking for us in the club, that is no other word", says the leader of the football team in the sports team of VG.

"Dede does not play the team right now, but has played and still has some good friends and other friends who are not very close," he said.

He says that tonight there will be a collection in the clubhouse.

When VG calls a man who has followed both the roommate and is deceased by the upbringing, he is also crying.

"He was a very nice boy, because I was also a coach for when he was younger.This is so tragic, says the man who has been on a football trip abroad with a deceased person.

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