Long queues after accident on E6 in Råde

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Long queues after an accident on the E6 in Råde, and a person was flown to the Telemark hospital in Skien after a traffic accident in Vinje

The East 110 station reports on Friday at 2:45 pm that they have moved to a traffic accident on the E6 at the intersection Jonsten in Råde. The queues stretch far to the north, past the exit to Rygge Airport.

Police East reports that the accident must have taken place in a southerly direction and that three cars are involved.

There is currently unknown damage range.

The traffic centers report a reduction in accessibility after the accident and ask drivers to rely on long queues.

"There are major traffic challenges," says Road Traffic Center, which fv118 suggests Ryggeveien as an alternative route.

According to Moss Avis' local journalist, the police are blocking traffic at the exit to Rygge Air Station and it appears that the cars are being released into the E6 swimming pools.

Packed with air ambulance

Telemarksavisa reports on Friday afternoon that after a traffic accident, a person has flown in Vinje to the Telemark hospital in Skien.

The person has flown to the Telemark hospital in Skien after a traffic accident in Haukli in Vinje, Friday afternoon.

Emergency data were reported at 11.35 am in a traffic accident between a motorcycle and another vehicle on the route between Haukeliseter and Edland.

On the motorcycle there were two people and it is the passenger who has flown to the Telemark hospital in Skien.

Operations Manager Øystein Eikedalen at the police station in the southeast informs TA that there is currently little information about the state of affairs.

The motorcycle was on the track when a collision with another vehicle took place on the road. The passenger on the motorcycle was taken by an air ambulance and flown to Skien with unknown damage.

The motorcyclist is a 50-year-old man from Voss.

The road was closed for a while, but is now open again to normal traffic.

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