Look! It's snowing here tonight

During the night about five inches of snow was made at Sognefjellshytta in Oppland. Several guests were probably surprised when they looked at the window in the morning hours.

It was NRK who first mentioned the issue.

The head of the Sognefjell hut, Råmund Mundhjeld, says he was not surprised by the snowfall of the night.

"I have been driving with Sognefjellshytta for 18 years, so I was not surprised", says Mundhjeld, laughing at Dagbladet.

"But many of the guests were probably surprised, he acknowledges.

Mondhelm tells him that rain and minus levels were reported during the night, and therefore he calculated that they would awaken in white landscapes.

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Car & # 39; s with summer tires

Sudden snowfall can create challenges for drivers who still ride with summer tires, but Mundhjeld says it was good today.

"All cars here are on summer tires, but the asphalt is so hot that it is good," he says, saying that it could have been slippery on the road in the morning.

Although some of the snow has disappeared in the morning, it has not been summer yet.

"The fun in the summer takes a bit, it is still white in the terrain," says Mundhjeld.

– Check the weather forecasts

State Meteorologist at Meteorological Institute, Bente Wahl, says the snow came as expected – and it is not uncommon for snow to reach the peaks at the end of August.

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She also says that if there is a riot, there can also be snow if there are degrees.

"We are now starting to approach autumn, so when you drive over the mountain, you have to look at the weather forecasts", she told Dagbladet.

Especially those who are planning to drive Sognefjellet at night Monday or Monday morning should be aware that there may be some snow.

"It will be milder all day and at night there will be some snow.

But the snow may not be long, because from Tuesday there are higher temperatures.

SNOW: Large amounts of snow filled this parking lot in a ski resort in Russia. Video: ViralHog
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In the rest of the country we can expect a week with some varied weather, a bit like the week we just had. Wahl says that there are two days in particular: Monday and Thursday.

– Monday we get a low pressure in Southern Norway with some wind. This is particularly noticeable in Rogaland, the coast of Agder and in the mountains in the morning hours of Monday. There will be some rain, and it is the Agder provinces that get the most.

In the north of the country we will see much of the same, even though we are getting better in some parts of Nordland.

On Tuesday it seems more sunny and warmer temperatures throughout the country. There can be some buoyancy here and there and there will be more fun again somewhere.

Anniversary in Bodø

Special bodyguards have reason to cheer.

"They seem to have high temperatures both Tuesday and Wednesday," says Wahl, who estimates that it will be around 17 degrees, which is unusual in Bodø.

Then there is a new low pressure throughout the country. In Bergen you will notice it from Wednesday evening, while you notice it in Oslo.

– There will be a week with varying weather. We have a few nice days in between, and Monday and Thursday stand out as the greyest days. It really applies to many places in the country, "says Wahl.

So it seems that the temperatures remain below 20 degrees during the week.

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