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City Council Monica Mæland (Rechts) buys time in the regional reform. She will not do anything until the Storting will see the case again this autumn.

"I think it would be wise to see if the deposit will re-examine this or not, we do not have to convene a new meeting if nobody meets, said a disappointed Mæland to NTB after having spoken Monday about the stalled provincial council leader Willy Ørnebakk (Ap) from Troms.

Finnmark District Council member Ragnhild Vassvik (Ap) made the meeting where Mæland made it clear that it has neither the authority nor the desire to take over the process, as requested by the provincial council in Troms. In this way it is a wise decision by Monica Mæland, but at the same time it shows how bad work has been done in this case and how miserably the whole process is anchored.

The people in Finnmark have said absolutely no and the rebellion that arose after the Storting decided to merge Troms and Finnmark should not surprise anyone. Nor do Finnmark politics follow people. Something else would be political suicide.

Ap leader Jonas Gahr Støre now criticizes Mæland for having suggested during Arendalsuka that the whole regional reform is jeopardized if the process of combining Finnmark and Troms is compromised. Gahr Støre believes that Finnmark is in a very special position and that the local minister can not control the least and most vulnerable region over the entire process, while all they have done is to say no to violence, Støre told NTB .

"It is incredible to say that there is a problem that I am referring to the majority in the Deposit." On the other hand, there is a problem that the Labor Party in Finnmark does not relate to a majority in the Deposit and that they now supported by their party leader Mæland answers questions from NTB during a press conference after the meeting with Troms.

And there is every reason to ask the store's criticism, because it is actually the parliament that made the decision and therefore has the main responsibility for the process to end in the process. But at the same time it is clearly unheard of for politicians to boycott a decision at the country's national assembly at a lower level than the Deposit.

It is just a sensational situation that has arisen and it is exciting to see what the Storting is doing now – including Jonas Gahr Støre and the Labor Party.

Minor leader: Which planet?

The new Minister of Fisheries Harald Tom Nesvik says to Nettavisen that he did not know that Per Sandberg had become a friend.

On which planet has Nesvik stayed in the past few weeks?

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