Mæland parks the merger between Troms and Finnmark until the parliamentary session this autumn

"I think it's wise now to see if the Deposit will re-examine it or not, we do not have to call for a new meeting if nobody meets," said Mæland after she had spoken on Monday about the stalled trial of county governor Willy Ørnebakk (Ap) from Troms.

Finnmark District Council member Ragnhild Vassvik (Ap) made the meeting – where Mæland made it clear that it has no legal basis or any desire to take over the process, as requested by the provincial council in Troms.

"We are in a difficult situation and I see that many are waiting for the response from the Deposit to the question of whether the case will be resumed for treatment," says Mæland.

"The fact that Finnmark is not present today means that the regional reform is declining?

"It is up to the Storting to consider, the parliament must decide first, even if they will deal with this question again, and if they re-examine it, they have to decide whether they want to keep their previous decisions or whether they are going to take a new one, says Mæland.

Threats must be rejected

Ap leader Jonas Gahr Støre criticizes Mæland because she suggested during Arendalsuka that the entire regional reform would be jeopardized if merging Finnmark and Troms would be inadequate.

– The threat of the people must be parked. Finnmark is in a very special position. The municipal minister can not give the least and most vulnerable province the leadership of the entire process, while all they have done is to say no to violence, says Støre to NTB.

– Arrogant van Støre

Mæland strikes back hard.

"It is unbelievable to say that there is a problem that I refer to the majority in the Deposit, and on the other hand there is a problem that the Labor Party in Finnmark does not relate to a majority in the Deposit, and that they are now being supported. by their party leader, she told NTB questions during a press conference after the meeting with Troms.

"I wish Støre had respect for the parliamentary majority that had adopted this regional reform, showing an arrogance against the majority of the promise, which I think is serious, said the municipal minister.

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