Mæland smells like Støre – and points to the Storting over the feud in the north

: Ap leader Jonas Gahr Støre is sorry that Finnmark is being blamed for the entire regional reform being threatened because they say no to a merger with Troms.
: Ap leader Jonas Gahr Støre is sorry that Finnmark is being blamed for the entire regional reform being threatened because they say no to a merger with Troms. Photo: Tomm Wilgaard Christiansen


Communist Monica Mæland strongly refers to AP leader Jonas Gahr Støre in the fate of merger in the north. She points to the Deposit, after a meeting today.

published: Updated: 20.08.18 13:44

The Minister of Local Government and Modernization held Monday at 12 noon Monica Mæland (H) Troms and Finnmark named after the meeting on the merger of the two provinces, which does not support the majority of Finnmark politicians.

Provincial Council leader Willy Ørnebakk from Troms will meet with the municipal minister, while Finnmark County Council rapporteur Ragnhild Vassvik (AP) will not go to Oslo.

Støre now moves with Finnmark.

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Mæland feared that the Finnmark rebellion could cover the entire regional reform

"Mæland must stop attacks on Finnmark and threaten to make regional reforms blurred if Finnmark does not give up and it must be rejected as a problem," Støre says.

– The position of Finnmark is so special

He says that Norway can live with Finnmark and maintain its own region.

– AP finds it wrong to blindly starve on some numbers for the number of inhabitants. Finmark has its own position in Norway, among other things related to the High North and Safety.

"You say that Finnmark can continue to live as a region, even if the rest of the country has been reorganized?

"Yes, Finnmark's position is so special that we think this would be the outcome unless Troms and Finnmark manage to achieve a common solution.

– Weak government

He says the government has failed.

"In this case we have seen a weak government, where they have a square relationship with reality, and that has little to come up with, they have not shown the ability to come up with good solutions and I think it will be very wrong to to threaten that the entire reform may disappear if Finnmark is noticeable.

"You are not afraid it will open for reopening in other regions?

"Finnmark's position is so special that I think we should take it into account, that is not a problem, and in the aftermath of the light, the size of the Gulf, with 1.2 million inhabitants, may be so great. as the 70,000 inhabitants of Finnmark.

"I do not understand what Støre is doing

Mæland responds strongly to what Støre says.

"I do not understand what Støre is doing, does the leader in the Ap think that the Norwegian democratic system is such that it is only a parliamentary decision that Ap supports, what is applicable, he seems to know better than the parliamentary majority, she says:

"I know that Ap did not vote for the regional reform, but I expect that they will respect the majority decision, which gave the 96-73 majority in the Deposit at the last vote.

– What has come out of the meeting today?

"Troms finds it too difficult for them to take responsibility in the joint committee that will carry out the merger, as long as Finnmark does not want to participate, I understand, but the government has no authority to take responsibility for it. a possible decision by the Deposit that the case must be dealt with again.

– Does it seem that you are putting the case on ice to deal with the Storting again?

– No, but we're in a situation today announcing that someone will resume the issue with the Deposit. We as government have to deal with it, even though Parliament has already taken two decisions.

KrF on his lap

On 15 October, the government will present its plan for which tasks the new provincial municipalities will receive. A committee of experts has proposed changes that jointly transfer NOK 23,5 billion from state institutions to provincial municipalities, as well as five agencies with nearly 5,000 jobs from state and provincial municipalities.

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Notification of reversal in the Deposit after no to county assembly

KrF is the regional reform party. KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide said that the regional reform is "an unfinished product" with a structure that "will not last in the long term". NTB writes that there would be disagreement in the KRF faction.

KrF vice-chairman Olaug Bollestad has previously suggested that there may be solutions in the task release; They will wait and see which tasks and government jobs the new general public gets.

She did not respond to VG's questions on Monday.

The parliamentary leader on the right, Trond Helleland, puts pressure on KrF.

"I assume that legally determined resolutions must be met.

Mæland grabbed the convenience

Mæland is approaching: a joint committee has been set up, a political committee consisting of politicians for municipalities or counties to merge together.

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Calls on the government to extend the rules to merge Troms and Finnmark

The purpose of the Joint Committee is to prepare mergers between the parties.

The mixed committee consisted for the first time of 17 members from Finnmark and 19 members from Troms. This summer, the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization changed this to 19 members from Troms and 9 members from Finnmark, which would make it easier for the Joint Committee to put the Finnmark policy on the table.

But Troms does not want to run solo runs by overtaking Finnmark.

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Troms politicians will make the government responsible for mergers: – Not only feasible

In order for a joint committee to be decisive, at least half of the members must be present.

You can read more about this here

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