Majority in Akershus for reversal of the Gulf – if Finnmark is allowed to stand alone

It is therefore a clear majority in Akershus County Council – AP, Frp, SV, Sp and MDG – to stop the establishment of Viken, a merger of Akershus, Buskerud and Østfold to a population of 1.2 million.

Ton Brenna says that the AP in Akershus respects the current parliamentary decision on regional reform, but only until a new one is possible.

"If the Storting takes a new decision that puts Finnmark aside, the Storting can not say the provincial authorities that have accepted mergers against their will," Brenna says to Aftenposten.

The background for the entire Viken region is suddenly at stake. The municipal minister Monica Mæland (H) sent the regional reform back to the Storting on Monday because she feels she has no mandate to carry out the merger of Troms and Finnmark. It made Mæland that neither Finnmark nor Troms will sit in the joint committee to build the new county.

The Center Party will submit proposals for the Storting immediately after the Storting starts on 2 October to lift forced labor in the north.

"We will promote a separate proposal covering only Troms and Finnmark, and how we can follow up on the rest of the reform that we come back to, says parliamentarian Sigbjørn Gjelsvik (Sp).

It is sufficient that only KrF in the Storting turns around and votes for the proposals of Sp, so it will no longer be the majority of the forced conspiracy of Troms and Finnmark.

Solli does not want to switch

Governor of Akershus province, Anette Solli H) will not quarrel about the Viken merger. She leads the Joint Committee to carry out the merger and says that many resources have been set up to merge the three provinces.

"We are well on track, a new management group will be appointed for the Viken in a few days, and we will be preparing the country for the Viken headquarters in Lysaker and Sandvika just before choosing the country. is committed to it.

"It is not a concept we are dealing with, we are doing this seriously, so I also expect Storting to act professionally and implement the regional reform, which is fine, says Solli.

– The Gulf is not for the best of the population

Brenna believes in Solli's argument to continue the process in the Gulf. "Summarize the whole problem."

"With such a statement she shows that the right has lost the most important perspective: that the wave is not the best for those who live in our area, and then we will have the opportunity to stop the wave, so we will definitely do, "says Brenna.

Buskerud does not want to switch

It was the majority inside all provincial councils against entering the Viken region. Nevertheless, all three provinces have acted loyally to the parliamentary resolution on regional reforms.

But while in Akershus the majority is for a conversion, the situation is the opposite in Buskerud. Again, the Ap tilts the majority. Buskerud Ap does not want to stop the establishment of the Gulf. With the votes of Høier, it is still the majority to continue the merger.

"No, we do not want to get by," says Roger Ryberg (Ap), city councilor in Buskerud.

– If the Deposit decides that Finnmark will pass, I understand that. The situation for Finnmark is special in terms of geography and history and the fact that Finnmark has long been a multicultural area. But it can also have no consequences for the Gulf or for the announced transfer of tasks that the local minister will bring this autumn, says Ryberg.

At the same time, Ryberg is aware that – if Finnmark can only go ahead – Storting must transfer fewer tasks to Finnmark and Troms than to the other provinces. He therefore supports Venstres and the publisher of André N. Skjelstad that the generalist principle must be abolished – if Finnmark gets his will.

"Finnmark with 76,000 inhabitants must handle tasks that are tailored to their size, and it is not possible to reduce the tasks of the other provinces," Ryberg said.

"Buskerud was against the regional reform, but accepted the resolution of the Storting, but the parliament must perform tasks. Regional reform stands and falls, it does not matter if Finnmark is there or not.

Mayor Ole Haabeth (Ap) in Østfold will not conclude what the provincial councils Ap and Østfold do when Finnmark comes alone.

– We have to take it later. But the big test for regional reforms will be the release of tasks. Unless the local minister sends heavy enough orders to the provinces, the whole joke is about to establish a country as big as Viken. The 76,000 inhabitants of Finnmark can do that not dimension that the Gulf will receive from 1.2 million tasks.

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