Man died in residential fires in Kristiansund

LAST: Wednesday morning the police confirmed that the missing man was found dead. It shows TV 2.

At 3.50 am the fire brigade reported a house fire in Kristiansund. Then the emergency services were present. The fire was fully developed and had hit the roof.

During the night the police and the fire brigade worked to gain control over all residents at the current address.

– Seven people were registered at the address. Six of these are accounted for. The last one, a man born in the 1950s, is still not aware of it, "said John Bratland, head of the operation at the police in Møre og Romsdal, on NTB at 8:30 am.

Found in the house

At 1 pm on Wednesday, researcher Robert Sagli announced to TV 2 that the man had died. He was found in the house.

The fire brigade drove a long time and it was therefore not possible to search through the building after missing.

The neighbors of the residence were evacuated because of scattered danger just before 4 o'clock.

"Twelve people have been evacuated from the fireplace and two of the adjacent buildings are being taken care of in a hotel in the city," the police reported on Twitter.

Control the fire

At five o'clock the deputy leader in the 110th center indicated that the chance of spreading was smaller, and Wednesday morning confirmed deputy leader Rolf Anders Kårstad to NRK Dagsnytt that they had control over the house fire.

"It's a good old-fashioned soaking thing, so pouring enough water on the fire to fire, now it's about turning off the fire and checking all the residents in the house, we do not have full control yet," says Kårstad.

The police reported that a person received medical attention after receiving smoke.

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