Man is declared dead after a major rescue at sea

The case is being updated

It was all about it. 12.30 pm on Friday, the police district of Finnmark reported a person who had fallen into the sea near Leirbotn / Kviby in the Municipality of Alta. Someone had found a boat that was going around the circle. No people have been found. A major rescue operation has started.

Heart and lung conduction had to be taken after a man had fallen into the sea

Found in the sea

Coast Guard, Rescue Company, local actors and Sea King were among other things called in to search for the missing person. At 13:20, Sea King observed a person in the sea. The man was given life-saving cardiac and pulmonary surgery on the spot and was sent to UNN in Tromsø for treatment.

Press release on UNN informs Friday afternoon that the man, a foreigner, was declared dead when he arrived at the hospital.

Inform the family members

The Chief of Police in the police district of Finnmark, Jan Arne Pettersen, can not say anything about the cause of death at the moment. The police are also currently collecting information about the country of origin until they confirm the identity of the victim.

He was in a small boat and was alone. We have an idea who the person is and is now working on informing the family members, "says Pettersen.

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