Man sentenced from Hordaland to 19 years in prison for ill-treatment

The judgment in the court of Sunnhordland states that it is undoubtedly that the man maintains regular and regular sexual relations with his daughter in the period from 1999 to January 2017, according to Bergens Tidende.

"The frequency of abuse varies from several times a day, usually at least a few times a week," the verdict states.

Even the 51-year-old has denied the punishment since he was arrested last spring. This opinion supported him when he explained in court last month, but he was not believed.

– Fear regime at home

The man was also convicted of the use of force against his former cohabiting and other children, and for establishing a frightening regime in the house where there were daily threats of violence.

In the court, the daughter explained that her father often came to visit after she had started studying. Then she could be raped as often as five or six times a day, she said.

– Violence has always been a part of my daily life. He has been violent against me and my brothers and sisters as long as I can remember. He has been violent against pets we have had. She said to my mother when she testified, according to BT.

Rejected costs

In addition to imprisonment, the husband is sentenced to a total compensation of more than one million kroner to the daughter, the cohabiting and to his three sons.

The man rejected all charges during the trial.

– I never arrested children. I spent a year in prison without anyone listening to me, "said the man.

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