Mann (57) arrested after blotting in Stavanger

On Thursday morning, the police received a message about a man who had appeared outside a kindergarten in Stavanger.

The man should have taken a picture of the children and returned to the kindergarten later in the day.

On Friday morning the man was arrested and arrested.

"There were some witnesses who followed him and gave us a good description of the man and in which direction he went," says Operation Manager Nikolai Austerheim on TV 2.

The man who was arrested in the neighborhood of childcare happened.

The pants down

Police Chief, Olaug Bjørnsen, told Thursday 2 that they were notified of the incident before 10 am.

"The nursery school called and told me that there was a man standing outside the nursery with his pants down and revealing himself," Bjørnsen said.

When the police arrived at the scene, the man disappeared in the direction of the center.

Just before 1 am the kindergarten returned to the police after he had watched the man again. The police have been on the scene since then, but the person was still not arrested.

Photos made of the children

Stavanger Aftenblad has received an e-mail from the kindergarten to the parents. There is
that the staff discovered a man who moved past the gate and the gate. The man had also had to photograph some of the children, writes the newspaper.

"The man was scared when he was discovered and cycled quickly.It is unlikely that some children have received what happened in the bushes, but we choose to inform you about this so that you as parents know what happened,
if one of the children has adopted something of the contemplation, "says Stavanger Aftenblad.

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