Marius and Juliane pose in Vogue

On the website of American Vogue crown princess Mette-Marits (45), son Marius Borg Høiby (21) and his girlfriend, model Juliane Snekkestad (22), have shown an important report.

In the article & # 39; How to Spend a Romantic, Relaxing Day in Oslo & # 39 ;, the couple speaks heartily about the capital and shows six favorite places in the city.

The article is also filled with a series of photographs, in which the duo is depicted in various settlements from the cityscape of Oslo. Vogue evaluates Snekkestad as a model and explains to its readers that Borg Høiby is a trendsetter in the magazine Tempus, and is also the son of the Norwegian crown princess Mette-Marit.

Although Borg Høiby and Snekkestad usually live in London, family and Oslo make sure that they still return home.

"People think that Oslo is the coldest city in the world, but that does not matter, in the summer it's really beautiful and you can swim and have fun," says Marius to Vogue.

MOTE INTERESTERS: Juliane Snekkestad and Marius Borg Høiby have previously shown in London. Photo: Mega
FASHION INTEREST: Juliane Snekkestad and Marius Borg Høiby were previously depicted in London. Photo: Mega
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Ongoing future dream

In the magazine, the duo shows that their absolute favorite place in Oslo is Grünerløkka, which is presented at the couple's favorite vintage shop.

The fact that both Snekkestad and Borg Høiby are interested in fashion and clothing is clear from the report.

The latter emphasizes, among other things, his passion for leather jackets, a piece of clothing of which he is also known to design himself. The couple shows that it is their big dream to start something like this.

The article continues during the advertisement

– That's the dream. To set up their own clothing brand, Snekkestad says.

The son of crown princess Mette-Marit, Marius Borg Høiby, wakes up with special leather jackets in the report 'Good Night Norway & # 39 ;.
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Became girlfriends

It was in March that Se og Hør could reveal that Borg Høiby had found the tone at Snekkestad. The two had been good friends for a long time, but the love became so strong that the two decided to take the relationship one step further and become cohabiting in London – where Juliane works as a model. This happened just before Christmas.

Juliane Snekkestad is originally from Tønsberg and is also an acquaintance of Linn Helena Nilsen, the echo of Marius Borg Høiby.

It was after Juliane released an image on his Instagram profile last March that a number of people were being speculated.

The case goes below:

There was also a fuss when the current model friend released Instagram, revealing that she was in Skaugum.

Although they are the place & # 39; Skaugum & # 39; not tagged, there was little doubt about where she had been. The striking gilded patterns on the doors, the crystal crown of the ceiling – and the royal portraits in the golden frames – were also recognized on the photographs that Marius published when he sold his private assets to in 2016.

The photo's were on her open Instagram account. However, after seeing and hearing discussed the issue with Easter, the photos were removed.

To be seen and listened directly

When seeing and hearing at Easter could reveal that the son of Crown Princess Mette-Marit had a new friend and lived together, the royal house thundered. The report with Juliane and Marius in Vogue is therefore published about five months after the above event.

The crown prince couple believed that the announcement of Se og Hør violated the privacy and reacted, among other things, to the production of Juliane Snekkestad.

"See and Hør had a great lookup last week, with the emphasis on the privacy of Marius Borg Høiby Marius Borg Høiby repeatedly stated that he does not want the media to pay attention to his privacy – something he is grateful for the Norwegian press has largely respected, "said the announcement on

"The Crown Prince-couple seems to show and hear the production of Juliane Snekkestad last week, we consider this a violation of privacy and very unfortunate use of headline and lay-out on the front page.We know Juliane as both hardworking as able-bodied, she should have escaped coming forward and listening, "wrote the crown prince.

Created a great debate

The case was based on a major debate in the Norwegian media. Responsible editor of Se og Hør, Ulf André Andersen, went out and defended the publication and explained why "we believe that the matter is of public interest".

«Marius Borg Høiby is part of the most public family of Norway and it is a long tradition that relationships and networks in the royal family are discussed publicly.

The love affair between Høiby and Snekkestad has evolved over a long period and the couple has been together for several months in London. She was on holiday with the Crown Prince's family in their private cottage – and was a guest at Skaugum.

Juliane Snekkestad is a profiled model for the American Playboy. Look and Hør has made a positive case about a new friend and never suggested that Snekkestad is not working hard."Andersen wrote.

Are covered expenses

In April it became known that Dagbladet had reviewed the annual reports of the court.

It turns out that the couple of the crown prince claims that Marius is protected from media coverage, but that money from their budgets for official tasks and the exploitation of the royal house has covered expenses for the 21-year-old.

Marius has previously looked at the TV series "Shame" and still shares private photos on Instagram – where he has more than 53,000 followers. He also tried to sell a luxury bag at – with the castle as an address.

In addition to its public activities, Snekkestad has a popular Instagram profile, followed by around 50,000 people. She also interviewed Minmote in the so-called "Feelgoodspalten".

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