Marius Groth and Eirik What condemned for negligent murder Paul Simmons

AMENDMENT COMPANIES: Eirik Vad (37) and Marius Groth (35) have been sentenced to long prison terms.
AMENDMENT COMPANIES: Eirik Vad (37) and Marius Groth (35) have been sentenced to long prison terms. Photo: PRIVATE


Marius Groth and Eirik What has been sentenced to 15 and 10 years in prison for gross fraud and negligent murder of the musician Paul Kristian Simmons (25).


The prosecutor said the two had acted in advance, but received no support from the court who found that the two comrades had to be punished for negligence that caused the death of another.

The verdict of the court of Oslo is therefore milder than the claim of the Prosecution. When the lawsuit was terminated in July, Attorney General Cecilie Schloßer-Møller filed a request for detention for 21 years with a minimum age of 10 years for Marius Groth (35) and 17 years in prison for co-founder Eirik Vad (37).

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The court recognized both Groth and what they had intentionally drunk Simmons, but that death was an accident. Eirik. What did he explain that he bought the heroine while Simmons conquered, in the belief that it was cocaine.

Fired for killing an attempt

The two were also accused of murdering a man in the 1950s from Oslo. According to the accusation they tried to kill the current man with a birthday coffee in a scam attempt.

However, the public prosecutor's office has appealed to the prosecution of this prosecution because the Prosecution believes that it is unlikely that the insult would have died if the police had not interrupted the party.

Groth and what is judged by the court of Oslo to rob the man.

Died of an overdose

For three weeks in the winter of 2015, the bank account of Paul Simmons (25) was emptied – before one christening cocktail put his heart in a hotel in Oslo. Two days later the ventilator was disconnected from the Ullevål University Hospital.

The reason for the unexpected death was initially an overdose caused by myself, but it was something that did not vote.

After two and a half years of investigation two comrades Eirik Vad and Marius Groth were accused of the murder. The prosecutor believes that the duo has forced Simmons or fooled to take heroin – and then to cool the 25-year-old for at least two hours.

– It is the most serious thing in the indictment. The murder was clearly not planned, but the act of doping with heroin was that. The revival of what has happened and an overdose, we want to be seen as an aggravating circumstance. There was no affection, said Schløsser-Møller during his trial in Oslo District Court.

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