Massacre in Oslo – no arrests

The police received a report about a blood battle at Tøyen in Oslo on Saturday night, but after the noise they did not find any injuries or others.

The information that came to the police meant that both bats and belts were used in a larger fight between young people on Tøyen, the police district of Oslo wrote on Twitter at 9:30 pm on Saturday.

Several patrols searched for the people involved, but without results. After half an hour the search was resumed.

– We did not find any casualties. We have checked a number of young people, but we have not found anyone that we can say with certainty. We also found no injuries or items to be used, "says Operation Manager Marita Aune against NTB.

"We have stopped our efforts and this is not something we want to do," says Aune, who does not know what happened to Tøyen or what the reason was.

"But we can assume that they do not agree on something because they have done so much effort that people in the area have reported it to us.

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