MDG and SV have a deadline for recalling citizenship

The case of recall of citizenship resumes in the Deposit. The MDG and the SV call for both the court and the retirement.

"It is time to conduct the fundamental debate when there is no time for when you are sure that you can live here," says MDN & # 39; s Une Aina Bastholm for the Class Match.

According to the newspaper, the Immigration Directorate (UDI) has recruited 142 citizenship since 2012. It has made many people stateless.

Although terrorists can not be denied their Norwegian citizenship unless they are nationals, also in another country, other principles apply to refugees who have provided the wrong identity. For example, there is no deadline for this when the administration can call a recall.

Last year the majority was the proposal to recall citizenship only on the basis of a judgment. The parliament also asked to suspend recall cases. At the moment, 36 cases are suspended due to legal proceedings in UDI.

"I'm going to ask the government and ask for the Storting's request for judicial review," says Bastholm. Moreover, she will collect the opposition about a proposal for a retirement date, something that supports Red and SV.

"We will challenge KrF and Left to continue voting in favor of the proposal we voted for and voted for last year: that we need to examine a potential retirement age to revoke citizenship," says SV Karin Andersen.

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