Meet provincial council leader in Troms to discuss Finnmark merger – Finnmark stays away

The process between the two provinces is currently completely blocked. District Councilor of Troms, Willy Ørnebakk (AP) met with a municipal minister on Monday, while Finnmark County Council rapporteur Ragnhild Vassvik (AP) refused to attend the meeting.

"It is absolutely unacceptable to meet the municipal minister with the agenda she has at this meeting The only meeting we will hold is a meeting where we can discuss how Finnmark can be a province, Vassvik said last week to Aftenposten.

On Friday, Mæland and vice-chairman of Finnmark Tarjei Jensen Bech (Ap) met on the way to Arendal.

"I have a strong mandate from Finnmark, which clearly and clearly says no, and we risk having to remove all the power from Finnmark, and that is not acceptable," said Jensen Bech.

Jensen Bech also emphasized that he has the Sami parliament in his back.

Communist Mæland has stated that she is afraid that the entire regional reform may fade when the provincial council is in the sink.

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