Melhus organizes a new boxing event in Skien

Photo: Tore Kristiansen


Proff Boxer Kevin Melhus (28) brings several Norwegian profiles with him to a new event in the hometown of Skien on 20 October.


"We have received local investors and cultural support from both Porsgrunn and Skien, now we focus on 4000 spectators and box parties, Melhus says to VG.

The 28-year-old is the man who became the first professional boxer in October 2010 to fight the Norwegian soil since the ban came in 1981. He won a knockout against Christian Dulz in Oslo Spektrumand now has five wins in five professional competitions.

The skijongen has played all his matches on Norwegian soil and has three of the competitions under the direction of his own promoter company. A year ago, his retirement attracted 3000 spectators to Skien Fritidsparkthe same evening as Cecilia Brækhus defeated Mikaela Laurén on knockout in Melsomvik a short drive away. It will now be a new meeting on 20 October.

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"Now we have the evening for ourselves and hope that this will be an important event on the spot, and in any case Enthusiasm is great and now I hope that this will be a profitable project that everyone enjoys." There is room for 4000 spectators, says Melhus.

So far it has not been a very profitable store for Melhus and the people around him.

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"I am reluctant to succeed in continuing, now I have a stable team and there are several Norwegian profiles that are struggling tonight, Melhus explains.

Ingrid Egner, Jamshid Nazari, Ali Srour, Alexander Hagen and last but not least Bernard Angelo Torres are also active in addition to Melhus, who leads the main battle.

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