Meteorologists send a hazard warning: this can be intense

There is a low pressure between Iceland and Ireland. It goes at full speed towards Bergen.

– Yes, it comes to us. It comes to the southern Norwegian sea at night. The first zone reaches Sogn og Fjordane, first before it hits Bergen and Hordaland, explains state meteorologist Gunnar Livik.

This is challenging weather to report. It is uncertain when the rain will be the most intense and how much will actually bend.

However, the latest predictions say that it will be bad from 1200-1300 in the afternoon to around 1800.

"Then it can fall about 30 millimeters in six hours and that's a lot," Livik said.

Trond Mohn Games starts at 1800 in Fana Stadium. BA sends direct from the event, including EM winners Karsten Warholm and Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

Hazard alerts

colour answer Type of situation indication
yellow pay attention challenging Yellow level
Orange Be prepared serious Orange level
red Secure the values extreme Red level

"There is still a lot going on in the evening, but I can not guarantee anything," Livik said.

  • So Karsten Warholm will shout Trond Mohn

It is so bad that they have issued a so-called hazard warning.

– We issued a yellow warning. It is for local floods, beak and river rains, land and floods in steep terrain, "says Livik.

We are probably much worse on Wednesday. The rest of the week turns gray, but Livik does not just have bad news.

– Sunday seems to be good.

Trond Mohn Games takes place on Wednesday, August 22 in Fana Stadium. It is organized by various sports teams in Bergen, with the support of the municipality of Bergen and the municipality of Hordaland. Stevnet is also sent directly to from 6 pm onwards.

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