Mikrofly crash land in Norheimsund – Bergens Tidende

61-year-old pilot came from the crash site without any damage.

A micro plane with a 61-year pilot crash on Saturday in the automatic guard at Viksøyvegen in Norheimsund. The micro plane took part in Wings and Wheels, an event with airplanes and cars.

Part of the road was closed because the micro plane would have a lot to land on. As the plane approaches the ground, it crosses it wrong and crosses it over the road, over the automatic guard and into the ditch.

– Wrong angle

Noah Fosse Boszijde stood on the ground and saw the whole event. He also caught the crash that ended up on video.

– I saw that this would not go so well. He had to land on a flat road just above, but got the wrong angle.

Skogseide spoke to the pilot when he got off the plane.

He went outside and then stopped the plane. I asked if it went well and he answered yes.

I was not injured

There were no other passengers on the plane when it crashed. The pilot came out unharmed.

BA has spoken with the man who does not want his name in the newspaper:

"I landed on the road that was blocked, the runway was good at 150-200 meters, this plane stops at 100 meters, I have misjudged a meter or two," said the pilot.

Smaller leakage

The fire department and the police have moved to the site after reporting the incident.

"We are currently cleaning up the site, but there will be no traffic problems on the spot," said Håkon Myking at BT's 110th Central Station on Saturday morning.

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