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A little more than 7 hours, where a perishable person is adjusted from the mountain in Balestrand. The police confirm that this is the walker who was missing after he did not come home from a walk on Sunday.

A rescue helicopter today made an observation of a lifeless man on the mountainside.

Climbers of the alpine rescue group in Sogndal were flown to the area to settle with the man who was in a very steep terrain. It was confirmed that the man was killed and a little more than seven hours when the man was transported by helicopter.

The relatives of the missing man are alert.

Esefjorden with Vindreken in Balestrand

TURMÅL: Includes two peaks, Austre (1259 moh.) And Vestre (1279 moh.). The mountain is a popular hiking destination.

Photo: Kjell Arvid Stølen / NRK

Do not come home from a walk

The man in the 1940s who reported missing when he did not return from a mountain trip to Vindreken on Sunday evening.

The man went to a Sunday Sunday dinner and had to go to bed in the afternoon. The man was reported missing on Monday morning by family and colleagues.

A rescue helicopter, police, dog patrol from Bergen and volunteers from the Red Cross have participated in the search today.

"We will send your own crew who have found the car in the area and we have started a rescue operation, armed forces with victories are Samsonsen in the district of the Western Police.


SKILTA: Finding inst in the Esefjord consists of two peaks of 1.259 and 1.279 meters.

Photo: NRK tips

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FIND: The Vindspec mountain lies in the Esefjord in Balestrand.

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