More vulnerable to serious violence in Trondheim


Several patrols are submerged in what the police denounces as a serious violent incident in the center of Trondheim. It is not clear how many people are involved or the degree of injury.


– There are several who are injured. It's pretty serious, says operations manager Ebbe Kimo in the police district of Tr√łndelag at VG.

He says they can not say how many people are injured, but one person is sent to the hospital. law enforcement has not yet received a health report, but says it seems serious.

"It is a bit unclear what type of equipment they used.

The police received a message about the incident at 6 pm.

– We have been informed by AMK. There was a man in the teens who called them. He himself was very vulnerable to violence, says the operations manager.

The police do not know the relationship between the persons involved in the private address.

No offender has yet been arrested.

"We currently think it is only a perpetrator, based on the messages we have received.

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