Mulla Krekar is informed about new threats

In a video this week, Krekar calls among other things to attack infidels attacking Islam, TV 2 reports.

Author Mariwan Halabjayi lives at a secret address after Krekar issued a fatwa to him ten years ago. He told TV 2 that he will go to the mullah on Monday, which is actually called Najumuddin Faraj Ahmad. Halabjayi says more people from Kurdistan have contacted him after this last video.

Mulla Krekars lawyer Brynjar Meling commented on the upcoming police report by referring to Krekar's freedom of speech.

– He has freedom of speech. He uses it. His medium is internet because the Norwegian authorities have deprived him of the opportunity to go home, says the lawyer.

– The Mulla Krekar case is in a stable sideline

The government secret movements in the Mulla Krekar case

The lawyer of Krekar will meet Per Sandberg (Frp)

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